[#] Random Update
11:01am UTC - 11/26/2007

So, general update. There has been a MASSIVE influx of new people, so I've been just pretty much hanging out lately. I still need to add the character sheet upload function, and remember to update the game listing to allow DMs to add contact information fields. (Generally, you would expect this to appear in the game info field itself, but it also helps to prompt people.)

Nothing else much to report at the moment. Meebo is a pain in the ass a lot of the time lately, I'm trying to find a replacement. I don't really want to move to IRC; I like the embedded-in-a-webpage aspect of Meebo, but the only-occasionally-working Flash player and the inability to remove derps from the chatroom properly (including horny underage B& and spambots that pop in from the public chat listing I can't remove it from) are pissing me off.

If anyone knows of a good Flash-based IRC applet or something, which affords more control than Meebo but is the same general premise, please let me know. I don't mind running an IRC server, I just want the embedded client in a page.

~Lord Licorice




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