[#] Random Crash, Character Sheet Uploads Upcoming
12:05pm UTC - 11/19/2007

So apparently the server machine decided to crash unexpectedly again while I was out and about Sunday night, resulting in who-the-hell-knows-how-long of downtime. My apologies. I don't know if it's a symptom of the machine dying or if I'd accidentally blocked a fan, resulting in another overheating issue; I moved it so there's better airflow and I'm going to check it periodically to make sure the damn thing's not on fire.

I'm also considering implementing a way for people to upload character sheets onto the site to help people playing games to show their sheets or other image files to other players. I'm in the planning stages now, as I'm not sure the best way to organize it. I could make it completely open, and let people add files with a per-image password (letting people keep their anonymity), or have visitors create accounts so they can organize and store their own image files.

The biggest concern is security, so once I develop or find a decent method of allowing people to upload only certain filetypes and file sizes without worrying about script kiddies, the rest is just a matter of preference and seeing what people are interested in.

Other items of note: I've added a playlist feature for the music player, allowing you to switch types. If you've got an idea for a specific playlist or just a theme, let me know. I want a few themes so players can keep the music player running in the background while they game for 'mood music'. Right now the Horror one is pretty awesome but I'd like some more, including suggestions for additional songs.

Lastly, I'm putting off the IRC server idea for the moment. I will implement it eventually, but right now I'd prefer not to install yet another separate service on the server machine, and personally I find it easier to use the Meebo thing than open up an IRC client. Once we get enough visitors to the site and there's actually enough people where multiple separate rooms is the only logical next-step, then we'll see about IRC. For now, even a list of popular /tg/ IRC chats would be helpful, e.g. #dungeonooc (though I'm not sure where the hell it is).

~Lord Licorice




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