[#] Maintenance Tonight
03:23am UTC - 11/16/2007

The server machine has been acting pretty screwy lately. While it may be a hardware issue (the result of leaving a computer on pretty much 24/7), it may just as well be the OS, so I'm going to try making Windows stop sucking. If that fails, I'll likely need to reinstall entirely, and may switch to Ubuntu instead. In any case, the site may be down for a few hours tonight (hopefully less), so be aware. (Not that you'll see this message while the site is down, but hey.)

In other news, I'm glad to see more people using the site, including the chat, archival program and the game and player listings. Upcoming features and services may include an actual IRC server rather than this Meebo crap, and maybe a simple comments section for these front-page posts. As always, let me know at if you want/need anything.

~Lord Licorice




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