[#] A Letter from Grover Cleveland
09:12am UTC - 11/10/2007

I checked the chat today and found a letter from a very famous personage regarding an error on the site.

Lord Licorice.

It is with deep regret I must write to you.

Hopefully, you shall receive this message, and rectify this situation before it spirals out of control.

Whilst delving into your archive of engravings, I came across an image labeled simply "Taft.jpg."

Curiousity erupted within me, for I (Though my wife does call it most frivolous) am among the many who admire's Taft's great countenance, and impressive body.

However, upon gazing upon this image, I did not see Taft.

I saw my own countenance gazing back at me (Well, actually in this newfangled photograph, I was staring to the left in contemplation of a passing gazelle, but the metaphor works better this way), regaled in my equipment, falchion in hand.

Therefore, I must remonstrate upon you Lord Licorice, to correct this immediately, or face the full brunt of a rise in tariffs by six point three percent.

Grover Cleveland,
President of the Bifurcated States.

Grover Cleveland, NOT TAFT

Since I do not have the postal address of the good President, I must return correspondence here on the front page.

My dear, honored President Cleveland,

I am as honored by your taking the time to write to me as I am chagrined at having made such a grave error. I cannot fully express my regret in having mistakenly labeled a picture of yourself as William Howard Taft.

While it is true that you were both Presidents at one time, and your glorious moustaches could defeat even the hardiest of dwarves with but a single stare, it is impossible to mistake your impressive, imposing visage for that of President Taft, and vice-versa. You are both gods among men, but to mistake one for the other is unforgivable.

I hastily rectified the error upon realizing my mistake, and your image has been properly relabeled to its rightful appelation. Further, I have added a new image of President Taft for your viewing pleasure.

I hope you will find these changes satisfactory, and once again, please accept my deepest and humblest apologies.

Yours Truly,

~Lord Licorice

Grover Cleveland, NOT TAFT



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