[#] Player Listing in Progress
04:47am UTC - 11/04/2007

I've made a great deal of progress on the player listing section. You can add yourself now if you like; however, you won't be able to modify the information you've provided, and at the moment it only tells viewers if you are currently available (based on the hours you check off, e.g. if you're available at 2:00am GMT+1 on Sundays and someone checks at 1:00am GMT+0 on a Sunday, it will tell them you are available for gaming).

Speaking of which, please make sure you set your timezone on the Change Settings page here. This will affect all date/time information on the site, including viewing games and players or adding new games and players. If your timezone is not properly set, you may be confused when everyone tells you how awesome that game was that happened six hours ago...

~Lord Licorice




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