[#] Goddamnit you guys are always posting on here
11:11am UTC - 10/12/2008
Well, because the other two are always posting on here, I decided I might as well do it more often as well.

Development of the H.U.G.E system is going well. It's a custom system developed by MxSavior and myself. Its sort of going the way of Unisystem right now where you can play any style of game in it. It'll be the engine behind Surrail when we finish work on that, so look forward to some playtests and that soon!

For in the world of Ruler, I was at Edmonton, Alberta for a few days this week, in case you were lonely without me. I should get a t-shirt with suptg on it or something for RL advertising. Wouldn't that be a sight?

As always, if you need anything done, want a game ran by me, or just need to talk to someone, feel free to PM me. I still want some Halloween themed games going on!


Why so horror in here?

[#] Suckers
10:54am UTC - 10/06/2008

Right, well I better get into this WHO HAS THE SCARIEST PICTURE THING


Yeah, take that you guys. See what you made me unleash?

Well, you two are all about movies, so I'll talk about some of my favorite horror Roleplaying games.

Call of Cthulhu:

Well who couldn't see this on here? The staple of horror roleplaying. A group of investigators runs around for a session and a half, try using magic or just run low on insanity points, watch the party crumble and the one poor sucker who lives to tell his stories... in a mental asylum.

In Dark Alleys:

This little Indie game by Brian St.Claire-King is a nice find. It focuses on the player developing weird powers, and trying to find out the mysteries behind the powers, and the world as a whole. Different from Call of Cthulhu in that the players actually use powers commonly based on very interesting classes.

Little Fears:

Well, Little Fears is a game based around children aged 6-12 fighting off creatures from a area known as closetland, where those monsters you dreamed up as a child. Very unique game in that you are roleplaying a child. The horror in this game feels a lot more real then the other games on this list. You actually were a child rather than a bum fighting off people with a nailbat.

Unknown Armies:

Well, the occult underground welcomes you. This popular game runs on a lot of things being unknown to the player, in a generally weird world. This game isn't as horror based as the others, but with a proper mood it could be a interesting horror based game. If you ever end up reading a copy of In Dark Alleys, you'll notice a lot of similarities between the two, but with different focuses.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten:

Zombies! Classic horror trope! No other game I've seen does zombie actions better, and there are many interesting options for the game, (Fallout style world superzombies anyone?). Can be modified to fit in nearly any time frame, and who doesn't have fun trying to survive zombie apocalypse?

Well, those are some examples of horror roleplaying games out there. If you want to give these a try, bother me or ask someone else. I want to try getting a game of each done sometime during October.



[#] Oh hai homepage
12:03pm UTC - 9/27/2008

Also hello everyone!



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