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November 2009
6923244SpeedThe fastest bastards in 3.5, starting with monks, then ending in Chuck the Ruby Knight VindicatorD&D, Monks, Chuck2009-11-30 5 
February 2011
13853348Kalang, the Bat-people/tg/ proves its awesomeness once more by creating the Kalang, a race of humanlike bats who specialize in sound-manipulating sculptures, being badass flying monks, and hating the undead. Vampire bats? Those are to them what Ogres are to humans, horrid disfigured monsters. Kick their asses.race creation, bats, kalang, monks, echolocation, sculptures2011-02-11 17 
13865562Kalang, the Bat-people, part 2.The Kalang get more work done, the bat-ogres get a name (Fear the Kamazotzl!) and we learn why the floor is dangerous in a Kalang cavern, and not because of guano. Also, wing-blades and illustrations!race creation, bats, kalang, monks, ogres, kamazotzl, guano, blades2011-02-12 9 
November 2011
16991398Weird, creative races!A selection of weird races for a weird world that is just beginning. Seems neat. lizardpeople, lobster merchants, blade monks, races2011-11-23 16 
January 2012
17409405The Way of HitIn which /tg/ discovers that Hit is the true path.Hit, Fist, Way of Hit, Philosophy, Monks, Violence, Awesome, Funny, Fuck Yeah, 2012-01-03 37 
April 2014
31476895Log Horizon: Dixie QuestYou wake up, get people in line, punch a crab to death, and find some lost friends.Collective Game, Log Horizon Dixie Quest, Monks, Cats, Database2014-04-15 10 
31629335Log Horizon: Dixie Quest 2You get to town to find someone is trying to take it over. You can't stand for that. You put some plans into motion!Collective Game, Log Horizon Dixie Quest, Monks, Capitalism, Thugs2014-04-22 5 
May 2014
32061492Oversized Weapon Quest 32You recruit a smith, and find a ride!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Monks Everywhere, Goblins, Big Swords, Q&A2014-05-12 16 
May 2015
39693787Multiversal Wanderer Quest: Part 1Start and chargen for our unnamed psionic monk, before we have to fight zealous paladins that invade our monastery. QM finished the thread after internet blackout.Collective Game, Multiversal Wanderer, Monks, Psionics, Xyber,2015-05-02 4 
November 2015
43829276Way of the Fist Quest 1You are Jian Yao, young monk on his way to becoming an exorcist and hunting the demons that curse the land. This is the start of your journey.Collective Game, Way of the Fist Quest, Monks, Kung Fu2015-11-26 8 
December 2015
44291928Corsair Quest 4Darmund ends up having to fight his way to some new clothes and recruits. Collective Game, Pirates, Ships, Corsair, Psychic, Monks2015-12-21 1 
March 2016
45785537The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment CreationThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-04 1 
45802201The Wandering Brotherhood-Regiment Creation ContinuedThe Wandering Brotherhood of Saint Domingo the Ferocious, Shepherds of the Lost, Faithful of Castauella. Guard Creation threadWarhammer 40k, RPG, Only War, Imperial Guard, Monks, Regiment Creation2016-03-05 -1 
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