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December 2009
7013523Manly Dwarves"Tell me how to make dwarves awesome" turns into campy fun with fire-breathing landboats, bearded babies, and manly warsongs. dwarf, dwarves, dorf, manly, magma galley, fantasy, race, awesome2009-12-05 3 
March 2011
14129223GARGOYLE QUEST 3We beat up street fighter characters and sell our soul to the devil.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Jerry, Q, O'Malley2011-03-05 5 
14291551Gargoyle Quest 7You deal with being blind. <B( Also the other gargoyle gets a name.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Hugh, O'Malley2011-03-19 1 
April 2013
24440170Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest 6Yer a magus, 'Arry. And today yer in Diagon Alley with the von Einzberns, checking out yer inheritance and other fun things.Collective Game, Harry Potter Nasuverse Quest, Harry Potter, Nasu, Kiritsugu Emiya, Zelretch, Gringotts, Diagon Alley2013-04-25 28 
May 2016
72312Jara and the Valley of Secrets 1While questing in the Valley of Secrets, Jara finds a skeleton guarding a dusty old chest.Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets2016-05-06 27 
108024Jara and the Valley of Secrets 21800 years later, Jara and friends play dress-up and get covered in hot glue.Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets, Asstolicism2016-05-11 15 
134875Jara and the Valley of Secrets 3We glimpse the distant past, and a new magic user/ass lover appears in the presentcollective game, jara and the valley of secrets2016-05-16 15 
161875Jara and the Valley of Secrets 4Jara and Leandros resolve their differences with Yessir, and the team journey to The Tail.Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets2016-05-22 10 
182243Jara and the Valley of Secrets 5Jara and Louie try to get themselves out of a nasty Pickel. Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets2016-05-25 7 
June 2016
208059Jara and the Valley of Secrets, Part 6Jara's ass is in peril and the thread ends with a cliffhanger.Collective Game, Jara and the Valley of Secrets2016-06-08 7 
July 2016
339231FINAL ROUND - Act 5Gerardo gets into a shitty situation, but then breaks something and it's cool. Fights.Fight Quest, Punch, Gangs, violence, fight fight fight, other punch, flex, alley2016-07-11 1 
December 2017
2131062RVQ - Rosefield Valley QuestViktor Voss arrives at Heaven's Port after a heretical welcome party and visits important people.Collective Game, Gothic, Horror, Tragedy, Heretics, Inquisition, Rosefield Valley2017-12-11 1 
May 2020
4203084Dusk Elves: Lost Valley Civilization Thread IElves farm, domesticate land birds, meet neighbors, and the Queen eats the heart of a mystical bird, claiming its power as hers and more...Dusk Elves, Elf, Elves, Lost Valley, Civilization, Civ, Dork West, LostCM, 2020-05-10 2 
June 2020
4253026Dusk Elves: Lost Valley Civilization Thread IIElves genocide Kulweks, expand, and hold a festival. The Queen starts her dynasty.Dusk Elves, Elf, Elves, Lost Valley, Civilization, Civ, Dork West, LostCM2020-06-08 2 
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