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May 2014
32378958Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 3Questions, relief and hope in the wake of the battleKill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, Manliness, Anaru, Toothpicks2014-05-27 10 
32445868Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 6OP does his delay thing at first, and then shit gets real and we do it NOT FOR HONOR BUT FOR YOOOOUUUUUUU. Nui gets bent and her taste in men falls into question.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-05-30 5 
32468817Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 7In which Ryuuko gets thrown in a room, then dragged out for a field trip. Anaru comes face-to-face with a rainbow rapist and fights to resist attacking her.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-05-31 5 
June 2014
32490238Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 8The fun and games are over. It gets heavy in here, and not everyone can handle it. Least of all the one who it affects the most, Ondori Anaru.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-01 7 
32506096Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 9Two warriors, two paths. At long last they meet, and the story carries ever onward...now with two perspectives instead of one. Anaru seeks his humanity, but standing in his way is...!Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-02 6 
32518672Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 10Anaru attempts to reclaim his human body, but Nui and Fate show up to put a stop to that. However, is this what Fate truly wants?Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-02 6 
32549188Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 11Exploding elevators, alcoholic beverages...and an inexplicable situation that leaves our friends in Honnouji reeling from the impact.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-04 5 
32569852Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 12Anaru runs away from Honnouji and his mistakes, becoming Ryoma and beating up golden crabs in the process.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-05 5 
32579189Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 13Anaru really did die to death, and now the two most important people in his life must learn to live without him. Ragyo's shadow looms...Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-05 7 
32594532Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 14Satsuki begins to reconcile with a certain someone, and must also endure a familiar hardship. All while thinking of the one she has lost.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-06 7 
32613080Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 15An unparalleled new evil makes its debut in the world, threatening Satsuki's plans at the most critical time. And far away, beneath the Earth, Anaru slumbers.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-07 7 
32632427Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 16Ryuuko walks in on something she definitely didn't need to see, and the fake Anaru happens upon some interesting information.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-07 5 
32653291Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 17Anaru's imposter chases a cosmic ball of yarn throughout Honnouji, Gamagoori buys flowers, and Barjoke Anon delivers yet again. Oh, and Dr. Weird makes an appearance in the thread. GENTLEMEN, BEHOLD!Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-09 6 
32663598Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 18Preparations for the Cultural and Sports Grand Festival are underway, and Matoi Ryuuko faces off with who is arguably her most fearsome opponent yet...Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-09 7 
32677057Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 19It's happening on an unprecedented scale. Decapitations, Big Red Buttons, DYYYYYNAMIC ENTRIES, and wedding crashers. The ride hasn't even begun!Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-10 7 
32695819Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 20The fires of hope are rekindled at long last.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-11 14 
32740079Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 21Anaru wakes up in a world of darkness and a crestfallen commander appears and attempts a crippling blow against REVOCs.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-13 12 
32782010Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 22Anaru thinks back on the events that lead to the Month of Darkness, and the ultimate parental battle ensues. In addition to that, many who are excited for the inevitable "football pumping" decide to test their might and come up with ways to make it happen.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-15 6 
32799667Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 23Some stuff happens and Anaru fights his clone, and he rescues a couple kids and that's great, but then IT FINALLY FUCKING HAPPENS AFTER COUNTLESS PROMISES AND THE FOOTBALL. IS. PUMPED!!! A thread to remember.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-16 21 
32864511Anaru Quest: Re-Birth 24Dawn of the 11th day. The month of darkness is as dark as ever, but no light may be stamped out forever. Nonon finds her way home with some help, and the final Deva just might be as lucky. But, as for Yuuto...Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-20 5 
32900752Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 25A score is finally settled and, keeping in line with ancient tradition, /tg/ decides to press the shiny button. ALL NINE OF THEM.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-21 3 
32912941Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 26OP wants to be kill but 4chan won't let him. Also, Senketsu gets a day off! Top Gun ensues.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-22 6 
32939479Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 27We awaken to a world shrouded in darkness, blood and distant screams, our NB allies having been possessed by our enemies. Meanwhile Yuuto chews on some chocolate, but is interrupted.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-23 6 
32960896Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 28Only halfway through the Month of Darkness, and already people are beginning to lose hope. Is there no end to Ragyo's deceptions? Can there be no respite for those wallowing in pain, crying and reaching out for someone, anyone...ultimately alone?Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-24 5 
32984908Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 29References and CUH-RAZY situations abound as Senketsu and Anaru carry out their most important missions yet. But someone isn't coming home, and the month is nearing its end...Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-06-26 5 
July 2014
33252147Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 30The blood of the fallen stain the ground as Anaru and his sister-in-law storm Ragyo's new residence.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-08 4 
33276407Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 31Sand Castle get's cold fibered, Yuuto is Disarmed Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-10 4 
33320255Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 32Kinue's role in REVOCS is revealed, as is the true nature of her relationship with Kiryuin Ragyo. And all throughout, as the battle on the Naked Sun rages...something approaches.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-12 2 
33376032Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 33At long last, Kamui Nekketsu arrives on the scene. Taking the sea by storm, Anaru and Satsuki become one in order to stand against a corrupted Senketsu and by proxy, Ryuuko. When all is said and done and reconciliation is achieved, much fun and embarrassment is had as Nekketsu and Senketsu's Day Off begins!Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-15 1 
33427745Anaru Quest: RE-Birth 34The infamous Senketsu and Nekketsu Day Off arrives, punctuated by a concert in which we somehow have the Pick of Destiny. Top it all off with a visit from Junketsu and a prank that goes horribly wrong and you, sir, have yourself an amazing night before the final battle.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-17 5 
33474203Anaru Quest: RE-Birth FinaleEverything comes to an end, and through endless persistence, a new beginning.Kill_la_Kill, Collective_Game, Quest, CYOA, Anaru, RE-Birth2014-07-19 8 
33504928Anaru Quest: RE-Birth Finale 2Anaru Quest: RE-Birth Finale 2Anaru Quest2014-07-19 0 
33523108Anaru Quest: EpilogueAnaru Quest: EpilogueAnaru Quest2014-07-20 -3 
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