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July 2009
5096062Railroad, Track 2.5James and Randy attempt to infiltrate the enemy fuel depot.Railroad Collective Game James Randy2009-07-05 1 
February 2010
7868812Lord Quest XIIIWe return from a long hiatus and begin plans to venture into the swamps and visit one of the shrines to the wild gods. Lord Quest, Collective Game 2010-02-01 32 
June 2010
10197905Quest for FireYou are Korsna, a twelve year old caveman and today is the big day. Today you are going to complete your journey into manhood. Quest for Fire, Collective Game 2010-06-01 13 
September 2011
16266214Slaver QuestYou are Estavo Zahak, Slave Trader of Narleen. You're climbing the social ladder and making a name for yourself.Collective Game Slaver Quest2011-09-12 24 
October 2011
16511689Fire and Ice QuestGame of Song of Fire and Ice gets started then OP drops it off to be picked up by another poster Fire and Ice Quest, Collective Game 2011-10-04 13 
16522070Song of fire and ice questPart duece of Song of fire and iceSong of fire and ice Collective Game 2011-10-05 10 
16574667EGO Quest 1We're sentient sword, rust powers, 88mm Flak Cannon, etc. Boy finds us, we turn him into a girl with magic, reduce most of a giant to a fine red mist and loot his belongings. After that, ADVENTURE!EGO_Quest Collective Game EGO Quest 2011-10-10 8 
May 2012
19128969Zoids Quest #13MOLGA STRONG Tactics are used once again, and surprising backstory chatter is done.zoids quest, zoid mother, zoids, mecha,Collective Game MOLGA STRONG2012-05-17 12 
October 2012
21191520/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 4HAHA, TIME TO SLAUGHTER BARBARIANSDragon Collective Game Quest Bronze Steel Metal FirstTimer2012-10-19 10 
21284585Street Fighter Quest 12It's like nobody wants to archive this stuff. Anyway, Anon battles an axe welding clown in this session.Street fighter quest, CLOWNS, collective game ,PERFECT 2012-10-25 10 
June 2013
25267569Warhammer Fantasy QuestDA ORKIEST QUEST YOU EVER DUN PLAYED IN We got uz some boyz, did kunnin brutality, and brutal kunnin', gork, we got it allCollective Game Naffzod Beardsplitter Ork Quest2013-06-06 6 
25326025Firebender quest episode 8Words words words, denouement and exposition. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-09 12 
25383837Firebender Quest Episode 9Spirit World shenanigans, and THE DARKNESS IS NOW FIRE.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-12 12 
25457416Firebender quest episode 10Some sparring, a training montage, and a battle on the high seas! Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-16 13 
25647339Space Princess Quest 47In which the Duchess of Taunhäuser celebrates the solstice.Collective game ,Space Princess quest, Space, Princess, rocket2013-06-26 1 
July 2013
25800025Firebender Quest Episode 11Firebender quest returns after a moderately lengthy haitus.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-07-03 9 
August 2013
26646354Firebender Quest Episode 16Start of Fire Nation Capital arc. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-08-15 10 
26666192Crossover Magical Girl QuestFantastic Phantasm's first Ep. We assume the role of Itonami Juritsu, a powerful summoner. We dream about fucked up shit, fight a dragon then pass out.Crossover Magical Girl Quest, magical girl, female protagonist, Fantastic Phantasm, Collective Game 2013-08-17 8 
26680643Crossover Magical Girl Quest 2We wander through the desert, find an ally then pass out. We wake up in a city, make new friends and look for Raid.Crossover Magical Girl Quest, magical girl, female protagonist, Fantastic Phantasm, Collective Game 2013-08-18 4 
December 2013
28834358Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 7We encounter a group of dragon girls, and have a very good night.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 7 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-13 10 
28862596Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 8We deal with an angry princess, go shopping, and meet up once more with the dragon girls.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 8 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-15 8 
28884848Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 9We spend a day with the dragon girls and make travel arrangements.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 9 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-15 7 
28987458Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 11We travel the barrens, encounter a spider girl cave and meet Imm.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 11 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-20 5 
April 2014
31589163Space Knight Quest #1Jack Ashleon, overconfident commonborn knight, has begun his first tour of duty and volunteers to lead the charge for the first battle. Many deathflags ensue.#Quest #Collective Game #Space Knight Quest2014-04-20 7 
June 2014
32643649Assassin Quest 8A Futuron falls. Lego Quest, collective game 2014-06-08 1 
32743533Witcher Quest #6We return home and pick our apprentice Witcher Quest, Collective Game 2014-06-13 14 
July 2014
33537981MGR PMC QuestChargen of Null Gene and initial missionCollective Game MGR PMC Quest Metal Gear2014-07-20 7 
September 2014
34627535SciFi Slut QuestAbsolutely disgusting writing trying to pass of as a questCollective Game , faggotry, spess2014-09-04 19 
January 2015
37107223NEET Time Loop Quest #1You're Paige, a NEET living alone. You go out to get food one morning and meet a girl named Eve. After something horrible happens, you find yourself waking up on the same day again.Collective Game NEET Time Loop Quest NEET2015-01-01 5 
37128451Xenocide Quest 2We search the moon for supplies, but end up searching our minds. 4chan shuts down, ending the quest early Xenocide Quest, AI, Xenocide, Space, Xendocide Quets, Collective Game 2015-01-03 21 
June 2015
40303171Below #6You start work in the lower caverns gathering webs with Teomo.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-06-01 1 
40429909Below #7You finish work, and hear a story.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-06-07 1 
40741616Below #8You have a talk with Earka after work.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-06-24 2 
40860795Below #9A month passes.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-06-28 2 
July 2015
41122564giant civ questElemental giants in the desert manCollective Game civ quest2015-07-09 1 
41246187Below #10-2A continuation of #10.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-07-16 2 
41326952Below #10-3The conclusion of #10.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-07-20 1 
August 2015
41689071Below #11Earka has you make a choice.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-08-06 1 
41925433Attack On Titan QuestOur character, Willhelm Faust, is created. Anons can't stop rolling well, and he joins the Recon CorpsCollective Game Attack-On-Titan-Quest2015-08-17 2 
41935481Below #12You wake up and start training.Below (Quest), Below Quest, termite, Elf, Collective Game 2015-08-18 2 
September 2015
42509207Pokemon GO Neon Quest 1We meet our Protagonist, Ross Green, and receive our first pokemon.Collective Game Pokemon-GO-Neon-Quest2015-09-15 5 
42527552Pokemon GO Neon Quest 2Ross evolves Vitriol into a Kakuna, and they have a run in with Team Fang.Collective Game Pokemon-GO-Neon-Quest2015-09-16 7 
42547126Pokemon GO Neon Quest 3Ross Captures a Poliwag, meets Team Claw, and gets involved in a Pokemon Team Turf War.Collective Game Pokemon-GO-Neon-Quest2015-09-17 5 
42611643Bleach Side-Along QuestA new adventure in the forgotten past of Soul Society. How Will Saikou Tsurugi leave his mark? Collective Game quest, bleach Past, 14th, alternate history2015-09-19 1 
42656428Pokemon GO Neon Quest 4Ross forms Team Hunter, with a Secret Base and a cool set of Uniforms.Collective Game Pokemon-GO-Neon-Quest2015-09-22 4 
42781446Hyperdimensional C&C QuestOP stumbled through without a plan and found his pace with a fight we see lady green heart she seems unnaturally pissedC&C Quest Collective Game C&C2015-09-28 -3 
November 2015
43499954Mortal Kombat Konquest The arrival of Otiak, Saurian sorcerer. Mortal Kombat Konquest, Collective Game 2015-11-08 5 
March 2016
45728869Perfect World Quest #2We decline to form a contract w/ fox, kill 30 elks and get alot of runesPerfect World Quest, Collective Game 2016-03-01 1 
45745116Perfect World Quest #3We make a contract with Fox, learn more about the world, and grind + timeskip Perfect World Quest, Collective Game 2016-03-04 1 
July 2016
361402Pokemon Conflict Quest 1Air force recruit Barry Sinclair says goodbye to his family, gears up, and accidentally unleashes a small, angry beast.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-11 10 
384799Pokemon Conflict Quest 2Barry is singled out, introduced to the rest of his squad, and meets his bunkmate.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-19 8 
410541Pokemon Conflict Quest 3Barry investigates dragons, tries to peer pressure his fellow recruits, and battles instructors.Pokemon, Pokemon Conflict Quest, Collective Game 2016-07-26 8 
September 2016
542992Magical Girl For Hire Quest #3The tales of Miranda Styles- A mercenary Magical Girl. We get challenged to a duel and investigate Alban's darker side.Magical Girl For Hire Quest, mercenary, magical girl, collective game 2016-09-12 21 
November 2016
842675Zatch Bell Quest 1Michael Anderson meets his new little sister Dizzy who turns out to be something special.Zatch Bell Quest, First Quest, /qst/, Collective game 2016-11-20 8 
December 2017
2145189Stray Demon Quest #1A demoness escapes from hell, seduces a man, corrupts a farm house, acquires two more party members, and kills a man for his home.Stray Demon Quest, Dark Whispers, fantasy, medieval, demons, corruption, Collective Game 2017-12-28 5 
June 2018
2660435Mass Quest 2You invest your first human, and raid a military base. mass quest body horror collective game 2018-06-24 3 
July 2018
2661363Mid Boss Quest Part 7Bandits attack, and a magic fog descends upon the caravan.Mid Boss Quest, Mid Boss, Collective Game 2018-07-01 5 
September 2018
2852029Wars of the Free: Chapter 8Grave MythWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2018-09-01 6 
November 2018
2990331Elven Slave Princess Quest #1Sold by slavers to a stranger, the young princess of a broken people finds herself delivered to an extraordinary stranger.Elven Slave Princess Quest, Elves, Elf Slave, Collective Game 2018-11-01 2 
December 2018
3083738Wars of the Free: Chapter 15RazakWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2018-12-02 1 
3068873ShellStorm Command: The African FrontCursedQm returns! We embark for the African front to assist the exiled French against a German offensive!CursedQm, Shellstorm, shell Command, mechs, dieselpunk, Althistory, ww1, strategy, collective game 2018-12-02 2 
3112515Wars of the Free: Chapter 16Kicking the hornets nestWars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2018-12-15 2 
January 2019
3155212Wars of the Free: Chapter 17The town Wars of the Free, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Collective Game 2019-01-05 2 
March 2019
3330886Synn IIn a which a shadow of Yerim explores sanctuary Synn, Collective game 2019-03-21 2 
3338650Space Empire QuestOur perky band of pirates encounters an alien relic.Space, AI, Pirates, Empire, SciFi, Collective Game 2019-03-23 1 
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