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June 2008
1917552SkullmurderedA Dorf Fortress world-generation creates a unique terrain feature. Creepy writefaggotry and BAD ENDS follow.skullmurdered, BAD END, writefaggotry2008-06-06 5 
1957603Skullmurdered Part 2A continuation of the Legend of Skullmurdered, as well as various Dwarf Fortress trivia.Skullmurdered, skull, murder, murdered, dwarf, fortress, dwarf fortress, DF, horror2008-06-12 1 
July 2012
19769356That guy thread, BBB EditionThe tale of Big Boy Blue is finally told. It involve a fox skull and attempted knifing.That Guy, Fox, Fox Skull, Furry, Sister, Necrophilia, BBB2012-07-07 77 
October 2012
20979259Lady Robot Master Quest Part 24In which we deal with the creepiest creeper and Bizarro Drawfag teaches a new horrible thing.megaman, quest, collective game, blade woman, skull man, knight man, metal man, needle man2012-10-04 1 
December 2012
22230528Discolich, Part IIIOP posts the latest version of /tg/'s latest project, and musicbro turns up with more of the soundtrackDisco Lich, Neon Skull, Neon, Skull, Game, vidya, platform, music, soundtrack, lich2012-12-27 14 
22271004Neon Skull thread 4The game is pushed further, into a driving minigame, and musicbro takes requests while OP is asleep. Neon Skull, Discolich, retro, game, 8bit, platform, music, soundtrack, 2012-12-31 8 
April 2014
31693332Skullgirls QuestWe take a short trip into the world of Skullgirls, following a robot-controlling nerd named Natalie on her quest to find the Skull Heart.Skullgirls, Skullgirls Quest, Collective Game, drawquest2014-04-25 5 
October 2015
43247321Skull-Mask Monster Species WorldbuildingOP posts a picture of a weird creature and asks /tg/ for ideas for backstory. Interesting wordbuilding and sentient mystical hivemind algae result.species, monster, worldbuilding, skull, mask, ghosts, sentient mystical hivemind algae,2015-10-25 1 
43331678Explorator QuestFirst thread in which we know our team and mission and we descend into a temperate planet that hides some dark and hidden secrets.Collective Game, Servo, Servo the Skull, Explorator, Explorator Quest, Warhammer40k, Adeptus Mechanicus, Cerum Daté2015-10-29 3 
November 2015
43646188/tg/ creates utopiaIn which OP asks how /tg/ posters would create a utopia if given reality warper powers. Discussion of human nature, religions and the need for evil results. Surprisingly civil.ethics, utopia, dystopia, god, power, good, evil, Skull-King The Giant Robotic Scourge Of Mankind,2015-11-15 2 
July 2016
48179820Wuxia ExplainedFace, cultivation, why Wuxia protagonists are so bombastic and yet never partake in any romance- it's all explained here.Wuxia, cultivation, wulin, chinese skullduggery 2016-07-11 13 
September 2017
1820470Skullgirls quest #1, A Gigan with a missionOur protagonist is sent on a mission from Gilgamesh himself to hunt down the Skullgirl and get's tangled up in it's colorful cast!Skullgirls quest, 2017-09-05 1 
1855066Skullgirls quest.Our favorite Gigan hunts down a regenerating cat lady, almost gets killed by an egyptian queen and finally puts beowulf on the chopping blocskullgirls, skull, 2017-09-21 2 
September 2018
2833270SKULL QuestSKULL is born. He feasts on wolves and men.Fantasy, SKULL Quest2018-09-05 1 
July 2022
5300416Warhammer 40k: 41st Millennium QuestBasillica Hagia, a lieutenant of the Baneblade squad "Flowing Don", is sent to fight on an Imperial hive world after reports of Chaos.40k, Basillica Hagia, ServoSkull55, Baneblade, Collective Game2022-07-12 1 
December 2022
5458313The Undersecretary Alethia Amadeus is tasked with keeping the Imperium through the harrowing world of bureaucracy and logistics. Until the Great Rift happens. Collective Game, Quest, The Undersecretary Quest, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, AU, ServoSkull55 2022-12-12 12 
January 2023
5500491The Undersecretary #2Alethia must ensure Terra stays intact after surviving the Battle of Lion's Gate while dealing with politics and bureaucracy. Collective Game, Quest, The Undersecretary Quest, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, AU, ServoSkull552023-01-15 7 
February 2023
5538667The Undersecretary #3Alethia continues her effort in restoring Terra after the battle. She is given a choice in the end that will define her career and life. Collective Game, Quest, The Undersecretary Quest, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, AU, ServoSkull552023-02-21 6 
March 2023
5581060The Undersecretary #4Alethia becomes a High Lord and intrigue deepens in TerraCollective Game, Quest, The Undersecretary Quest, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, AU, ServoSkull552023-03-26 6 
July 2023
5678871The Undersecretary (Redo)Redo of the Undersecretary quest ServoSkull55, Warhammer 40k, qst, The Undersecretary Quest, AU 2023-07-08 10 
August 2023
5715127The Undersecretary (Redo)Redo of the Undersecretary quest ServoSkull55, Warhammer 40k, qst, The Undersecretary Quest, AU2023-08-24 1 
October 2023
5766180Unnatural Gifts & Gifted Students #1Altair begins his first day in an adventurer academyfantasy, ServoSkull552023-10-10 1 
November 2023
5792254The Undersecretary (Redo) #3After the incident in the Somnus Citadel, Alethia is informed Cadia has fallen. ServoSkull55, Warhammer 40k, qst, The Undersecretary Quest, AU2023-11-13 5 
December 2023
5832976Unnatural Gifts & Gifted Students #2The hunt for the vampire begins with unsettling revelationsfantasy, ServoSkull552023-12-13 1 
January 2024
5869199The Undersecretary (Redo) #4Cadia has fallen, and with the return of Roboute Guilliman the Imperium is facing a dawn of a new leadership. ServoSkull55, Warhammer 40k, qst, The Undersecretary Quest, AU2024-01-19 3 
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