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November 2011
17065352In the SwamplandsAnon wishes to know how a civilization based in marsh/bog areas would work. /tg/ reponds, and we soon get Cajun bayou-dwelling lizardmen spearhunters who wear armor made from gator leather and giant-swamp-beetle chitin.swamp, marsh, bog, lizardman, hunting, gators, spear-throwers2011-11-30 5 
February 2014
30334263Oversized Weapon Quest 13I prefer my elves medium rare! Meet some wacky gnoll guy.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Gnolls, Roasted Marshmellows2014-02-19 26 
July 2023
5687015VENGEANCE BURNS RED - ARC 1A CIA analyst gets thrusted into an operation gone awry in Ukraine. Her case officer then invites her to a special operations unit. Jormungand, CIA, military, thriller, adventure, glowie, action, Kate Marsh2023-07-15 11 
September 2023
5732591VENGEANCE BURNS RED - ARC 2: "INDUCTION" A CIA analyst meets up with a British man and her superior in an Irish pub before parting ways to leave the country. To be continued.Jormungand, CIA, military, thriller, adventure, glowie, action, Kate Marsh2023-09-05 2 
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