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January 2010
7460504MONSTER!/tg/ discusses a new setting and such about Victorian era adventurers and classical monsters using the Dark Heresy system.Dark Heresy, Victorian, adventure, monsters, hunting, classic fiction2010-01-07 2 
November 2011
17065352In the SwamplandsAnon wishes to know how a civilization based in marsh/bog areas would work. /tg/ reponds, and we soon get Cajun bayou-dwelling lizardmen spearhunters who wear armor made from gator leather and giant-swamp-beetle chitin.swamp, marsh, bog, lizardman, hunting, gators, spear-throwers2011-11-30 5 
July 2012
19859727GuardsMan Quest: Fight For Amerigo Secondus: Chapter Four: Rallying CryIn this quest we recruit beastmen, Squats, devour our first piece of living tech, Impregnate Anevka, and reccieve the blessing of the omnisiah.Guardsman_Quest, Inquisition, 40k, Imperium, Catgirls, Beastmen, Dark_Age_of_Science, Hunting_Rig, Tau, Underhive, Squats, Collective_Game, Quest2012-07-14 10 
March 2014
30918298Privateer Quest II #27Captain Percius Aurex hunts and kills a beast the size of a small tank and plots his escape from the snowstorm that has cut off his exploration group from his ship and crew.Collective Game, Privateer Quest 2, Warhammer 40k, Pirates, Spaceships, Loot, Big Game Hunting2014-03-19 4 
April 2016
46436144/tg/ Makes a Lighthearted Adventure SettingOP has a goal: A setting without (or at least with <50%) grimdark. /tg/ proceeds to deliver.Lighthearted, Adventure, Manly Grit, Heroic, Relics hunting relic Relics2016-04-05 6 
February 2019
3235234Bounty Hunter QuestA witch hunter deals with a tgreat to a small village, tries to right some wrongs and gets invited to a nasty dinner.monster hunting, magic, Spirit Bear, bounty hunter, bounty hunter quest, Witch Hunter 2019-02-13 3 
January 2020
4016668Hunter Quest 1In the realm beyond our own, the Dark Place, there are monsters, oozing into our realm through every available crack. Some seek to rule thisCollective Game, Hunter Quest, Monster Hunting2020-01-19 0 
January 2023
5503205Pokemon: Fork and SpoonPenny Pudding starts her adventure as a pokemon chef, gets herself exorcised, and prepares for her restaurant's opening.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork and Spoon, Hunting2023-01-29 23 
March 2023
5549338Pokemon: Fork and Spoon 2After running into trouble in the woods, Opening Day arrives, and the restaurant is dubbed The Tall Tale! Plans for a second partner begin. Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork & Spoon, Hunting2023-03-04 20 
April 2023
5589894Pokemon: Fork and Spoon 3A new partner is successfully captured, and the restaurant continues to expand its menu.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork & Spoon, Hunting2023-04-15 10 
May 2023
5638718Pok√©mon: Fork and Spoon 3.5Penny ends off the week by going on a fishing trip to a new area with Liam.Pokemon, Collective Game, Fork and Spoon, Hunting2023-05-01 10 
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