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October 2021
81767754 How do you portray the CIA in your games?former intel analyst talks about his job, the agencies, the detailsstory, storytime, NSA, CIA, intel analyst, glow in the dark, glowie2021-10-25 15 
July 2023
5687015VENGEANCE BURNS RED - ARC 1A CIA analyst gets thrusted into an operation gone awry in Ukraine. Her case officer then invites her to a special operations unit. Jormungand, CIA, military, thriller, adventure, glowie, action, Kate Marsh2023-07-15 13 
September 2023
5732591VENGEANCE BURNS RED - ARC 2: "INDUCTION" A CIA analyst meets up with a British man and her superior in an Irish pub before parting ways to leave the country. To be continued.Jormungand, CIA, military, thriller, adventure, glowie, action, Kate Marsh2023-09-05 6 
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