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January 2012
17696790Chapter Quest VIII - Justified ViolenceRising Sons decide to mount a daring infiltration mission against their old enemy Rogue Trader Moriarty...Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Dark Heresy, roleplay, rpg, 40k, Chapter, Space Marines, infiltration, stealth, kidnapping, Rogue Trader2012-01-28 10 
July 2014
33794087Digimon Quest #2first digimon waifuDigimon, Collective Game, Arukenimon, Keramon, Kidnapping2014-07-31 0 
October 2014
35786546Assassin School quest 11 part 2In which Layla kidnaps a witch (partially for turning her into cat girl), introduces a witch to a nun, gets some catnip, and tries to take a shower Assassin School quest, The Headmaster, Quest, School, Assassin, Poison, Vampire, witch, cat girl, kidnapping,2014-10-27 10 
35794495Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 1The story of an operator and his (crazy) hostage. Will they? Won't they? Only time will tell.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, !!72oOCCJ1+cj2014-10-28 12 
35814187Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 2Our hero talks with and investigates his charge. Also, some people samefag a decision to wipe a girl's butt.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-10-29 6 
35832462Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 3Our protagonist investigates his captive, who continues to throw herself in his general direction.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-10-30 4 
35855993Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 4Our hero finally fucking unties his victim. Also, some people get shot.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-10-31 4 
November 2014
35875195Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 5Investigations, drama, and the truth is almost in sight... at least Maxine has called off her goon squad!Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-11-01 6 
35982459Young Monster quest 3Razezsunael finds a strange human, and takes her home and makes foodCollective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, kidnapping, Demon2014-11-06 6 
35997978Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest 6Our hero wins and gets the girl.Collective Game, Cyberpunk Kidnapper Quest, 72oOCCJ12014-11-07 6 
36146598Young Monster quest 5Razsezsunael and Majazal decide to finally go kill the duke, however, Raz gets distracted by learning things and kidnapping the duke's daughter, who is a half breed of monster and human, named Elizabeth. Also gets a cool looking coatCollective Game, Young Monster Quest, The Headmaster, Monster, quest, , Demon, kidnapping, monster girl,2014-11-14 7 
May 2015
39775855Pokemon Quest #88We escape the Slakings, rescue Meloetta from opportunistic poachers, and go see the stars at night until an old enemy shows up.Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, Gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer, Meloetta, Slaking, Delmer, kidnap2015-05-06 20 
March 2017
52127276Princesses: How many princesses have you saved /tg/? A question about how many princesses /tg/ has saved turns into discussion on princess kidnapping.princess, kidnapping, erp, 2017-03-18 5 
52175585Princesses Part 2Continued princess dump, plus some writefagging.princess, kidnapping, erp, writefaggotry, knights2017-03-18 5 
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