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April 2011
14477181Kobold Sorcerer Quest 1The beginning of a quest in which you are the leader of a burgeoning tribe of technologically and socially exceptional kobolds. One might go so far as to term them awesomebolds, but that could be interpreted as fagtacular. In this thread, scene setting and grenade golf played with Drow prisoners.kobold, awesome, quest, sorceror, drow, grenade, golf, interrogation2011-04-05 9 
October 2012
21097265Lich's Employee Quest pt 11Daniel travels out with his frenmies to deal with Dolorum the Red Death and Inquisitor.skeleton quest, inquisition, elf details, interrogation 2012-10-13 11 
January 2013
22859765Forever Knight Quest 1Our hero gets slapped around. We learn more about Zia and Brechulf. And another flashback to Shaoram's awful childhood.Forever Knight Quest, Knight, Quest, Forever Knight, Forever, adventurers, interrogation, flashback, Collective Game2013-01-29 6 
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