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April 2010
9047295What is this I don't even...brother/sister incest opens a portal to the nether realms and summons nameless horrorswtf, I can see forever, insanity2010-04-08 24 
July 2011
15664087Google+ Requests/tg/ embraces the future of social networking!Google+, G+, foreveralone, social networking2011-07-22 -13 
January 2013
22839224Forever Knight QuestA long imprisoned spirit regains his freedom. A knight in a villain's body takes revenge on his captor.Forever Knight Quest, Knight, Quest, Forever Knight, Forever, undead, lich, adventurers, Collective Game2013-01-28 9 
22859765Forever Knight Quest 1Our hero gets slapped around. We learn more about Zia and Brechulf. And another flashback to Shaoram's awful childhood.Forever Knight Quest, Knight, Quest, Forever Knight, Forever, adventurers, interrogation, flashback, Collective Game2013-01-29 6 
July 2013
25864623What if you were a skeleton?/tg/ discusses their skeletal plans. Lulz and screaming forevers are had.skeleton, puns, funny, screaming forever, 2spooky, undead2013-07-07 20 
September 2014
34913153/tg/ writes a noir storyAs always, it starts with a dame. A dame who was trouble.film noir, story, cooperative writing, dicks, legs that go on forever2014-09-17 18 
May 2017
1420443Planet MercenaryLong wait and then some players show up and make characters and a Mercenary Company. Start of Job 1Planet Mercenary, RPG, Mercenary, Black ICE, ForeverGM2017-05-08 1 
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