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July 2014
33280350Weeb Quest 1/tg/ gets into some real anime shit. Johnny hones his mack sense. Jay is an asshole.Weeb, Quest, Weeb Quest, Collective Game, Real, Anime, Shit, Magical Girl2014-07-09 10 
33299673Weeb Quest 2Johnny battles a magical girl instead of fapping, and hears a tale of demons and sorcery.Weeb, Quest, Weeb Quest, Collective Game, Real, Anime, Shit, Magical Girl2014-07-10 9 
September 2015
42739371weekly weeb shitweekly weeb shitweekly weeb shit2015-09-27 -4 
January 2018
2180869Youjo Senki: In War, Peace 2As Elise Korsch, we find ourselves on the Rhine Front, fighting against the Francois Republic.Youjo Senki Quest, Saga Of Tanya The Evil, Collective Game, World War 1, Blitzweeb 2018-01-07 2 
July 2020
4325194Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #7In an evil town, the party takes a quest to kill a succubus who runs a prostitution ring.Autism Jesus, Isekai, Lovecraft, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Weeb2020-07-19 -1 
4362286Multiplayer Kek's Isekai (Mythic RPG) #8Continuation of the previous thread.Autism Jesus, Isekai, Multiplayer, Mythic, RPG, Weeb2020-07-30 0 
February 2021
4606545Astraplex Quest #1Jonovan Solaris, a 12 year old boy with dragon wings, embarks on a quest.weeaboo, cultivation, weebkitsch, astraplex2021-02-08 0 
4616114Astraplex Quest #2Jonovan learns about his past life, ransacks the Entropist hideout, and retrieves a severed head.weeaboo, cultivation, weebkitsch, astraplex2021-02-23 0 
June 2022
5282760Incel Dating Sim (Mythic RPG)Beto Fupa, an incel, looks for love on the /soc/ board of 4chan.Autism Jesus, Collective, incel, RPG, satire, Weeb, Wux2022-06-04 -10 
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