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January 2009
3551125XcomEpic X-com threadXcom X-com tftd ufo defense defence2009-01-29 6 
August 2009
5430644X-Com: The InvasionWritefaggotry about the early days of X-Com inspires /tg/ to start plotting a prequel.X-Com, UFO Defense, prequel, writefaggotry2009-08-12 3 
December 2017
2142647Xenonaut Quest #1The first Xenonauts land in a rural eastern village and secure the crashed UFO. Kurt Braun kills two aliens and captures one alive. xenonauts, xenonaut, quest, xenonaut quest, aliens, ufo2017-12-20 2 
July 2019
3638579Alien Quest #2Dangerous A.I. Human contact. the scientist becomes a mutant and the crew grows stuff in the lab.Collective Game, Quest, Aliens, Moon base, Greys, Ufo, Conspiracy, Sci-fi2019-07-15 1 
3659515Alien Quest #3Humans lands on the moon. Reptoid Invasion.Collective Game, Quest, Aliens, Moon base, Greys, Reptillian, Ufo, Conspiracy, Sci-fi2019-07-24 1 
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