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July 2011
15652957Village QuestYou are the chosen one! Go and figure out why the river isn't flowing anymore before everyone in your village dies. You get a sidekick/guard and a book!Village Quest, VillageQuest, Collective Game, LiarManPost Apocalyptic, River, 2011-07-21 3 
April 2012
18672944Oak River + Horror AdviceDiscussion about playing outside leads to a neat little game idea and horror adviceHorror, Oak River, Awake2012-04-12 20 
May 2014
32042064Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 0 15 years ago, the world died and was reborn in the fires of the Second Impact. Following the cataclysm, the balance of power was altered forever. It brought starvation and death, war and disease. But the disaster also brought the seeds of recovery with the alien material Tiberium. This crystalline compound leeched minerals from the soil, making them easy to extract and harvest. The resulting revolution in materials science spurred technological development, growth and prosperity.TimeDriver, Quest, Collective Game, SRW, Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest2014-05-11 8 
32183478Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest: Thread 1 (The Black Technology of Peace) We follow Major Michael Walter, ace mech pilot and veteran of the Tiberium War. Dispatched to the Azadistan hot zone, he led his Arm Slave squad to victory against KPSA guerillas, rescued GDI hostages and retrieved a prototype Personal Trooper. The fight was complicated, however, by the escape of the apparent leader of the terrorist and the emergence of a previously unseen, gigantic mech that should not even have been able to move according to conventional physics.Super Robot Wars /tg/ Quest, Collective Game, TimeDriver2014-05-18 6 
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