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July 2011
15652957Village QuestYou are the chosen one! Go and figure out why the river isn't flowing anymore before everyone in your village dies. You get a sidekick/guard and a book!Village Quest, VillageQuest, Collective Game, LiarManPost Apocalyptic, River, 2011-07-21 3 
January 2013
22322358Mirage Village QuestYou are Heiler, Ninja of the Ash Clan, and this is the beginning of your tale.Collective Game, Mirage Village Quest, Dranule, The Man, Ninja, Traps2013-01-01 7 
22345880Mirage Village Quest 2Heiler's tale continues... With his quest for tail. He seeks out his team, but more, Orime.Collective Game, Mirage Village Quest, Dranule, Ninja2013-01-02 8 
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