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October 2013
27796848InternalRevenue quits.The end of Tax Quest. IR quits, reveals his past and present projects and dumps notes. Tax Quest, Collective Game, Internal Revenue, Death and Taxes, The End, sadness, QTG, Handler Quest, Quest, QTG, Late Night2013-10-18 13 
September 2014
35174205Sekirei Quest 4We learn about some sort of masquerade that prevents ordinary people from noticing the strangeness, and end up in trouble with an unknown party for making the news.Collective Game, Sekirei Quest, Sekirei, Kiddo, Not QTG2014-09-29 7 
May 2023
5644579QTG: The Proselateriat RisesAn ancient Lolcow (5264832) returns, this time with an army of IDs to raid quests and sperg out with QTG, Prole, Arasi, Prosefag, Milsim2023-05-01 7 
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