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October 2012
21210163CATastrophe thread 3The third thread discussing the world of CATastrophecatastrophe, setting, flood, blue apocalypse, chlorine, williams2012-10-21 2 
September 2015
42789070Deep Sea Terror and WorldbuildingA discussion of deep sea wildlife develops into worldbuilding for two original settings. Also, it is reaffirmed that the deep sea is horrifying and our primordial ancestors left the water as the lungfish equivalent of "fuck this, I'm out of here."deep sea, mermaids, worldbuilding, deep ones, great flood, lovecraft, future, elder things, water, sea, ocean, terror,2015-09-30 2 
March 2017
52019497Flood in 40KWhere /tg/ discusses how the Flood would do if it appeared in the world of 40K. Halo, 40K, Tyranids, Necrons, Flood, Discussion2017-03-06 5 
October 2018
2990250Halo Flood - 1A new QM makes a quest about being Flood escaping from a UNSC controlled Forerunner facility.Key, Flood, Halo, Spartan, Infestation, Assimilation.2018-10-27 3 
September 2020
4427869Flooded QuestIn an alternative world, our MC has to survive while handling his curse. K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-09-27 2 
October 2020
4445977Flooded Quest 2The MC completes there quest, sends the Kin to war with another species, signs a peace treaty, and starts a new adventure.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-10-08 1 
November 2020
4484948Flooded Quest 3A clever deal is made with the metal man, the MC discovers a new, even larger archipelago, A party member dies, and they all head back home.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-11-10 1 
December 2020
4528860Flooded Quest 4The shrine is completed, but the magma woke up a mechanical vault.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-12-14 0 
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