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September 2020
4427869Flooded QuestIn an alternative world, our MC has to survive while handling his curse. K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-09-27 2 
October 2020
4445977Flooded Quest 2The MC completes there quest, sends the Kin to war with another species, signs a peace treaty, and starts a new adventure.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-10-08 1 
November 2020
4484948Flooded Quest 3A clever deal is made with the metal man, the MC discovers a new, even larger archipelago, A party member dies, and they all head back home.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-11-10 1 
December 2020
4528860Flooded Quest 4The shrine is completed, but the magma woke up a mechanical vault.K8 the 8 QM, Flooded World, Mutant, Non-human MC2020-12-14 0 
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