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July 2012
19962789Mearls and 3.5Hot Man to Manual actionman on book action, erotica, epic, writefag, storytime, DnD, 3.52012-07-20 15 
June 2013
25629447Reaper Knigjt QuestStart of a new bleach quest set in Europe. Yes the method by which we died was result of lolrandumb but author manages to salvage itReaper Knight Quest, Bleach, Autoerotic Asphyxiation2013-06-25 10 
July 2013
25833414Monsterhearts QuestIn which the protagonist doesn't die, even when he was expecting to, and begins to discover his new life.Monstrosity Quest, Mortal, Monster, Vampire, Werewolf, Erotic, Supernatural, Collective Game, Monsterhearts Quest2013-07-05 25 
August 2013
26744169TA GIT DA PREDATORChriz Orksen and his team of grots lure in the sexual predators of the 40k universe, for the good of everyone (and their viewership ratings), waiting for that one predator that'll get their show renewed for sure!Chriz Orksen, Orks, Ork, Predator, erotica, Macha, SoB, Sister, Battle, Catch, Predator, WAAAGH!, 'flamer'2013-08-21 37 
26774459Macha Gets LaidThe final heresy has begun, it is truly the end of days. Also Sisters /ss/Macha Finally Gets Laid, Heresy, Lewd, erotica2013-08-23 46 
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