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February 2017
1190339Anomalous Brit Quest #1A brit finds himself in an unfamiliar forest of an unfamiliar land.Collective Game, Anomalous Brit Quest, TMQM2017-02-22 6 
December 2022
5476493SCP: Anomalous ContainmentD-Class Daniel Cruz is sent on his first mission with the Foundation, and explores the ruins of Site-21.Anomalous Containment2022-12-27 11 
February 2023
5513617SCP: Anomalous Containment #2In which you fight a group of mercs, survive getting possessed, and make friends which a chocolate maniac.Anomalous Containment, SCP, Anomalous, D-Class2023-02-05 8 
March 2023
5562130SCP: Anomalous Containment #3Dan heads to a supermarket where everyone's killing themselves, and nearly ends up a victim too.Anomalous Containment, SCP, Anomalous, D-Class2023-03-12 3 
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