How to Play FUMBBL

The following tutorial was posted by Anon on 5/30/08.


Hay /tg/

The Blood Bowl online server has been back up for a while now. I'm hoping to get most of the regulars back in, and hopefully get a bunch of new players as well.

For those who don't know what Blood Bowl is: It's like football/rugby in the Warhammer Fantasy world. It was a tabletop game at first, but with this you can also play it online. You choose a race, build a team, and beat your opponent senseless (or you just try to score touchdowns with fancy footwork and smart passing without breaking too many skulls, if you're some kind of faggy Elf or something). It requires a small 6.5MB download (it's java-based), but it's worth it. Once you get the hang of it (usually takes 1-2 games), games can get really awesome.

We've got our own IRC channel now. It's #bloodbowl_tg on (if you don't have an IRC client, you can use the java client). If you want to play, joining the IRC channel is a good start since it makes things easier for all of us.

I'll post a small 'how to get started' to help you set up your stuff first.


First of all, go to and make an account. After making an account you'll probably have to agree to the site rules first to do anyhting, so just scroll all the way down and pretend you've read it (or actually read it, if you want). Don't forget to do this, because accepting the rules is a part many people seem to skip, and most of the other options won't appear until you do it.

Then, on the same site, go to "Downloads" in the left menu, select "Essentials", and download the top file ('JavaBBowl 8.9 windows installer"). It's only 6.5MB, so it shouldn't take long. Install that, and you're good to go.

Getting Started

Next, back on the site, click on "Overview". That's your 'home' screen, where you'll be able to see your teams. Right now you'll have no teams, so make one by clicking "Create a Team". Choose the "Ranked" division, because that's where 99% of all players are (later on if we decide to do a /tg/-league, we'll use the "League" division). Next you can choose a race and team name. For starting races, Humans, Orcs, or Dark Elves are good, but since we're all noobs anyway, just choose the race you think is coolest, and click "Create". You'll be taken back to the Overview screen.

Now you have a team, but no players. To start adding players, click on the name of your newly created team. I'm not going to explain what players you should buy, so go to FUMBBL: Race Strategy for that. Clicking on the "Starting Rosters" link for your team provides you with a list of effective starting teams. Just choose one of them.

To add players, click the "Buy New Player" link. A window will pop up where you can build your team. Select what kind of player you want, type in a name, and select the player's number (number and name have no ingame function, but excessively long or offensive names can get you in trouble with the admins). Just keep adding players until you have (at least) 11 of them, which is the minimum you need for a team. Then close this window, and click "Refresh" in your team window. You should now see your players onscreen.

Now, buy some Re-Rolls and Fan Factor (both are important) as instructed by the Starting Roster you chose. Finally, click "Submit for approval" and "Yes, my team complies" to finsih your team and get ready for playing. When you're done, post here or better yet join #bloodbowl_tg on Rizon IRC so I can teach you how to actually play.

Unfortunately I can't help more than 1 person at a time ingame since it's a 1on1 game, but there are often multiple players in the #bloodbowl_tg chat. If noone can help you and you still want to play RIGHT FUCKING NOW, you can always step into the chatroom provided by FUMBBL. There are lots of people willing to help there (though I wouldn't advise you to play those guys for serious, they'll rape you inside out).


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