Dark Heresy Character Generator

Character Generator 1.0 - Quick Generator

Family Description:
Allow family to have jobs
from any homeworld

This is the original incarnation of the Dark Heresy character generator. A more literal generator, it performs all rolls for you and displays the results. It does not include Inquisitor's Handbook homeworlds, classes, etc., nor does it perform the math that the character builder performs. This generator is ideal for DMs looking to quickly calculate a few random NPCs, and players that want to provide a charsheet to their DM for online gaming with totally pre-rolled stats (since there is no user input or individual rerolls).

To operate, select your parameters and click Create Character when you are ready. (To choose a specific class, you must first choose a homeworld.) "Detailed" family rolls jobs and names for your parents and siblings; "Detailed (25% Chance Death)" means there's a one in four chance a given family member has died.

Once you have rolled your character, click Save This Character to add it to the database for later viewing and linking to other players (or DMs that want to ensure the system has rolled all the values). Characters are cleaned after 14 days. The Quick Generator does not currently save characters to the database.

Note: Starting traits and special attributes (Mechanicus Implants, your divination, etc.) are not yet factored into the starting scores. The starting scores are raw roll values only.


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