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March 2014
30981339Kill la Kill CYOA: Anaru Story 16In which Anaru checks up on the fight club's members' progress.Kill la Kill, CYOA, Quest, Collective Game, Imouto2014-03-22 10 
October 2014
35862255Imouto Quest Our Imouto has to...you knowCollective Game, Imouto Quest, Oneshot2014-10-31 13 
January 2015
37640182Esper Quest: Thread 31We start out with Yuu/Strength, picking up where we left off last time- at the park with Mato and Akari (and some ice cream!).Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, Burnination, Freezination, Xenos filth, invasion, SCIENCE!, imouto acquisition, the true power of yuri2015-01-26 1 
May 2016
47807Zombimouto QuestHelping to warm your cold zombie imouto, by spreading anti-dark elf propaganda.Zombimouto2016-05-04 2 
141237Zombimouto Tales: Hunting by the WaterYou're off on an adventure to go whaling and find a Sahuagin's harpoon to alleviate your sister's KEY AIDS, while tensions rise among elvZombimouto, Collective Game2016-05-19 1 
173982Zombimouto Tales: Hunting whales #2On a quest to alleviate your sister's key aids, you by a boat to start your fragranced whale oil lamp business. Zombimouto, Collective Game2016-05-29 1 
October 2016
760649Oni-chan Slayer QuestIn which Onii-chan becomes an Oni.anime, drawquest, Oni-chan Slayer Quest, imouto2016-10-30 11 
November 2016
787884Oni-chan Slayer Quest 2In which we go on a date and play table tennis.anime, drawquest, Oni-chan Slayer Quest, imouto2016-11-07 5 
818984Oni-chan Slayer Quest 3In which we catch a deadly Japanese cold.anime, drawquest, Oni-chan Slayer Quest, imouto2016-11-14 4 
842669Oni-chan Slayer Quest 4In which a nekomimi helps set everything on fire. The end!anime, drawquest, Oni-chan Slayer Quest, imouto2016-11-20 4 
December 2016
987678Oni-chan Slayer Quest OVAShort OVA bundled with the BDs.anime, drawquest, Oni-chan Slayer Quest, imouto2016-12-30 3 
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