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January 2011
13585569Commander Quest LVIWe assault another town, hitting it hard in the night. Slaughter some more guards, when Lena does something reckless....again, we let them go but reserve judgment for later, then the assassin's job is evaluated and found satisfactory.Quest, Pax, Commander, Romans, Fantasy2011-01-20 10 
February 2011
14061047Pax ImperialisPax fucking ImperialisPax Imperialis2011-02-27 1 
March 2011
14201461Commander Quest LXXIIIWe deal with Rufus and the aftermath of the battle, spend time with our ladies, and talk to the observers about the new face of war. Plans for the future are made and a life-changing decision is reached.Commander Quest, Quest Thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax, Commander2011-03-11 15 
June 2011
15118555Commander Quest XCVWe deal with the clean up of the ambush, have a few words with our staff and elementalists. Then we have a quick talk to Quintus, which is actually kinda awkward towards the end.Commander Quest, Roman Fantasy, Pax, Collective Game, Quest, Justinian Trentz2011-06-01 14 
15322781Commander Quest CIIWe come up with a (slightly) better alternate plan to get the Duchy on our side, and get the Praetorian Militant's approval. Then we give our command staff the bad news: Two members of our retinue are going on a suicide mission.Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-20 16 
15344683Commander Quest CIIIWe commune with the gods, seeking divine boons to aid in "the suicide mission" at reasonable prices. Some cryptic promises of aid were obtained, but the mission still promises to be a very unpleasant experience for the participants... And how many rounds of sparring can Justinian last against the god of war this time?Commander Quest, Quest thread, Quest, Collective Game, Pax2011-06-22 18 
October 2016
697043Jedi Knight QuestPaxious Dromus arrives on TythonJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax2016-10-29 12 
729316Jedi Knight Quest 2We duel with a Jedi Master and meet some new friendsJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax2016-10-29 6 
747460Jedi Knight Quest 3Paxious socializes with other students moreJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax2016-10-29 5 
761050Jedi Knight Quest 4The Force is with us. Lu is a bit of a douche.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax2016-10-29 5 
November 2016
776539Jedi Knight Quest 5We meet Master Gri'mdak and open our third eyesJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-01 5 
815621Jedi Knight Quest 6We are officially part of the Jedi OrderJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-12 5 
838436Jedi Knight Quest 7Paxious finds out about his dream and begins his first day of training as a Jedi Initiate.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-11-18 5 
December 2016
886872Jedi Knight Quest 8We fight shark people and Jac grows a pair for a minuteJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-07 5 
912827Jedi Knight Quest 9We fight for a future with less sharksJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-16 5 
944844Jedi Knight Quest 10Sharks can't cross bridges and red-headed Jedi Knights are all secret Sith LordsJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2016-12-18 5 
976627Jedi Knight Quest 11We spar with a Jedi Master and justice is served.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly2016-12-28 5 
January 2017
1008415Jedi Knight Quest 12We learn about Revan, Juyo, and test some fresh meatJedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2017-01-05 5 
February 2017
1133192Jedi Knight Quest 14 Pax meets his biggest fears. Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Pax, bumly, Collective Gaming2017-02-18 6 
August 2017
1751144Jedi Knight Quest 16Pax and his friends continue on their trial to become Padawan.Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-08-08 7 
September 2017
1813846Jedi Knight Quest 17Pax and friends deal with a small army of flesh raiders.Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-03 3 
1833047Jedi Knight Quest 18Pax tracks down the masked figure and Nazz to some ancient ruinsJedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-15 2 
1867925Jedi Knight Quest 19Pax thinks with his lightsaber and OP bails early and doesn't update fuuuckJedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-09-29 1 
October 2017
1914251Jedi Knight Quest 20A trial completed and a journey to come.Jedi, Jedi Knight Quest, Star Wars, Pax, Bumly, Collective Game2017-10-20 3 
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