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June 2016
255133Left Beyond QuestFundamentalists rule a flattened earth. God is due to erase the universe in 100 years. Cancel the apocalypse.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-18 45 
271723Left Beyond Quest 3Even in the Millennial Kingdom, under eternal daylight, cloak and dagger is possible...left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-18 12 
278917Left Beyond Quest 4The Osaze Renaissance is well under way, but you have maybe 80 years to defeat Yahweh.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-19 11 
285367Left Beyond Quest 4a - Still Alive EditionWe took a break from strategy and made an Angel run through the Enrichment Center. Now it's fightin' time.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-21 11 
293981Left Beyond Quest 5 - Charlton Heston EditionThe revolution has been televised! Now, it's time to brace for the Plagues of Egypt.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-23 6 
301038Left Beyond Quest 6 - Plagues of Egypt editionThe Plagues of Egypt are finally here, so let' science the shit out of them.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-26 6 
305284Left Beyond Quest 7 - Plagues of Egypt editionDarkness encroaches. Plagues call. The Angel of Death is just beyond the horizon. Beat the crap out of every single one.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-27 11 
308511Left Beyond Quest 7 - Aftermath editionDefeating the Angel of Death may have been the beginning of your problems...left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-06-30 5 
July 2016
318791Left Beyond Quest 9 - Weirdness editionCan the forces of Omega fight two enemies at once?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-03 5 
338953Left Beyond Quest 10 - Land of Nod editionLost the territory, but kept the goodies.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-09 10 
344115Left Beyond Quest 11 - Back to the Shadows editionAs the mid point approaches, a terrorist with a new kind of weapon shows up.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-10 5 
364380Left Beyond Quest 12 - Illuminati EditionOmega takes a turn towards becoming the Communist Gangster Computer God.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-15 6 
374485Left Beyond Quest 13 - Black Sky EditionYour agents return to space, you get a gift from the past, and looks like war is coming.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-17 5 
379238Left Beyond Quest 14 - Midgame EditionAs the clock hits mid-game, Omega hatches a plan to go after the Angel Ithuriel.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-19 10 
400826Left Beyond Quest 14 - Rumors of War EditionWhere is the QM? Did the original fiction's author die? Can Dr. Vahlen please pick up the courtesy phone?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-07-30 5 
August 2016
425436Left Beyond Quest 16 - Not Dead EditionWar, war never changes. Except when it does. Heroes die and angels lie.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-08-02 10 
449676Left Beyond Quest 17 - Anxiety EditionNot much happens, but a plan is hatched.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2016-08-11 5 
January 2017
1011212Left Beyond Quest 18 - New Year EditionSpace, and dwarves. But not space dwarves, that would be silly.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-05 6 
1014507Left Beyond Quest 19 A bit of fluff, a bit of planning, a bit of space station building... and the clock keeps ticking.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-09 6 
1039018Left Beyond Quest 20 - War and AftermathTensions with The Other Light finally come to a head. Many people lose theirs.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-14 10 
1067417Left Beyond Quest 21 - Unending March editionThe endgame draws near. A peace is brokered. A heroine sails for the last voyage.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-22 5 
1091325Left Beyond Quest 22 We do more space stuff. TOL decides orbital bombardment is a good idea while we make sleep gas.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-01-27 5 
February 2017
1109934Left Beyond Quest 23More arguing about R&D, but we start retaking Pacifica.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-04 5 
1126866Left Beyond Quest 24Pacifica is retaken, so obviously, it will have to go through a mini-Apocalypse.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-07 5 
1144012Left Beyond Quest 25 - That's XCOM Baby EditionThe battle for Pacifica continues. Meanwhile, the Millennium Force get a lucky break after another.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-11 6 
1156242Left Beyond Quest 26 - Surfin' Noah EditionThe endgame nears as the centuries-old dream of the Cosmist cult finally comes true. But will it make a difference?left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-13 5 
1168551Left Beyond Quest 27 - March to Doom editionIt is the last day of the Millennium. The Final Battle looms. God vs Satan, with Omega in the middle.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 10 
1187561Left Beyond Quest 28 - Per Aspera Ad Astra editionJesus called down Doomsday on Earth, and then, It Is Done.left behind, left beyond, god, computer, strategy2017-02-21 36 
February 2018
57747266Alpha Centauri reduxRPG dumps based on the famous strategy game. Also "Left Behind", for some reason.Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, SMAC, writefag, Left Beyond2018-02-04 4 
June 2019
3584110Left Beyond Quest Prequel PrologueYou rule the 1990s Internet. Stop Armageddon.left behind, left beyond2019-06-19 10 
3587990Left Beyond Quest Prequel IIIn which we have to take a powerpoint deck to the Antichrist.left behind, left beyond2019-06-21 26 
3597252Left Beyond Quest Prequel III - The Clock TicksIn which the doomsday countdown actually starts.left behind, left beyond2019-06-23 10 
3598034Left Beyond Quest Prequel IIIa - The Clock SkipsIn which we recover from a fatal mistake by making an economic one.left behind, left beyond2019-06-27 7 
July 2019
3610704Left Beyond Quest Prequel IVIn which the going gets good, and we take advantage of it while it lasts.left behind, left beyond2019-07-03 10 
3627145Left Beyond Quest Prequel V - Marching OnIn which the new world order starts showing some cracks.left behind, left beyond2019-07-11 9 
3650637Left Beyond Quest Prequel VI - Si Vis Pacem...In which all good things come to an end.left behind, left beyond2019-07-16 7 
3669293Left Beyond Quest Prequel VIIIn which war never changes, except when it does.left behind, left beyond2019-07-27 7 
August 2019
3696022Left Beyond Quest Prequel VIIIIn which the aftermath is dealt with and preparations are made.left behind, left beyond2019-08-07 6 
3737332Left Beyond Quest Prequel IX - The Judgement BeginsIn which the first of the prophesied judgements hits the world.left behind, left beyond2019-08-23 6 
September 2019
3773439Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIn which rocks fall.... but who dies?left behind, left beyond2019-09-04 6 
3795813Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIIn which there just might be a gambit pileup.left behind, left beyond2019-09-13 6 
3807838Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIIIn which the pileup actually happens, big time.left behind, left beyond2019-09-13 6 
3814749Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIIIIn which, maybe, just maybe, the prophecies are thwarted.left behind, left beyond2019-09-19 6 
3827914Left Beyond Quest Prequel XIVIn which WW4 erupts, shattering the prophecies.left behind, left beyond2019-09-25 6 
3842423Left Beyond Quest Prequel XVIn which the stage is set for the final confrontation.left behind, left beyond2019-09-29 7 
October 2019
3852592Left Beyond Quest Prequel EpilogueIn which the end finally comes.left behind, left beyond2019-10-05 20 
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