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June 2009
4748059Merrygate and friendsImagedump of Merrygate from AC:4A turns to a general discussion on mecha ending in the creation of an Armored Core homebrew system. And Anonymous rejoiced.Armored Core, dat ass, dem titties2009-06-03 6 
September 2009
5761657Armored Core Tabletop/tg/ brain storms an Armored Core tabletop gamearmored core, homebrew, mecha2009-09-07 2 
February 2011
13997286Total Annihilation of The Imperium of Man (and everyone else)What began as a thread over the background of Total Annihilation escalated into a thread filled with OC about how WH40K would never stand a chance,Total, Annihilation, OC, writefaggorty, Core, Arm, Commander, Krogath2011-02-23 -3 
January 2012
17547932Kamen Rider WARP CORE BREACHIn what starts as another request for a nonexistent toku RPG, a fa/tg/uy gives a short storytiem about being sent into orbit and then Rule of Cooling back to earth. kamen, rider, warp core breach, henshin, justice, teleporting is for wimps and children2012-01-15 7 
April 2012
18541552ChromeStrike RPGOP reveals his rules-light mech-based PnP game, seeking feedback.ChromeStrike, Mech, Mecha, Armored Core, Chromehounds, Mechanized, RPG, Tabletop, Original Content2012-04-02 5 
18747684Armored Core Quest 14: TRAINING DAYWe get some much-needed practice in the sims. Having already taken down 5 ACS without having fired a single shot, a mysterious stranger livens up the game a littleArmored Core Quest, Collective Game, Armored Core, Mech, Mecha, Mechs 2012-04-17 13 
August 2015
41867430Novice Heretek Quest 59We team up with an Eldar, kill some heretics, and set off to explore the space hulk.Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracore Nahive, NHQ572015-08-15 9 
November 2015
43487104Minotaur Civ/QuestA weary group of Minotaurs, the creations of Tauros the god of virility and strength, set out in an unexplored valley for a new home.Minotaur Civ, Civilization, Minotaur, Hardcore, Tauros2015-11-07 -1 
March 2016
45960209Manticore Quest: 001 HatchingAppearantly Manticores can hunt prey moments after hatching from their eggCollective Game, Manticore Quest2016-03-12 12 
45983886Manticore Quest: 002 Tripact CityQM fails to transition the quest furtherCollective Game, Manticore Quest2016-03-13 7 
46118550Manticore Quest: 003 BathtimeFirst salt and shit post appears over a hard DCCollective Game, Manticore Quest2016-03-20 3 
46203337Manticore Quest: 004 The Chilly SnowmanWe arrive at the inn, get cudled by Mina, get sexually harassed and have a date with godCollective Game, Manticore Quest2016-03-23 5 
46288201Manticore Quest: 005 Courier SempaiWe don't actually get to meet courier sempai just yetCollective Game, Manticore Quest2016-03-27 5 
July 2016
376184Fullmetal Core #1Our nameless hero takes on his first mission as a pilot.Fullmetal Core, FMC, mecha2016-07-20 1 
417579Armored Core: Broken WingThe Raven completes his first mission, then dotes on his daughter.Armored Core, AC Quest, Robots, FromSoft, Typical Harem Anime2016-07-29 2 
August 2016
434647RE: Animated Quest 12On the way to uncover one mystery, Lee falls into another. High-flying, high stakes action ensues.Collective Game, Re-monster, skeleton, bard, manticore, RE: Animated, RE: Monster2016-08-04 5 
January 2017
1077229Multi-Civ Quest #2First thread was not archived here in time: https://boards.4tan.org/qst/thread/1039619/ No more room for description. Fun stuf happens thCiv Quest, Fantasy, Factions, Hardcore Survival, Rare Magic, Butterlord, Quarterly-Seasonal Turns2017-01-31 1 
February 2017
1106119Multi-Civ Quest 3Things start to get magical then OP gets burnt out. New Management happens.Civ Quest, Factions, Hardcore Survival, Butterlord, Seasons2017-02-07 1 
February 2019
64668774Manticore/tg/ has to draw a picture of a manticore and post it in this thread or else the manticore will eat it.drawthread, manticore, art2019-02-19 6 
January 2020
70308393The Prince Of Elysia - Part 3: The Core WorldsThe god-game expands campaign settings, suffers casualties, and encounters plot twistsStorytime, Elysia, Core, Worlds, Daies, Hitsito, Dowjin, Tel`ryn, Destamona, Stefan, Sahzralaith2020-01-06 5 
January 2022
5085315Local Lord Quest IA XIIIth century French Knight is transported to a fantasy world. Medieval Mudcore Fantasy 2022-01-23 13 
March 2022
5134375Local Lord Quest IIOur XIIIth century knight learns more about the world, survives an assassination attempt and defends a lady's honor.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, History2022-03-07 5 
April 2022
5194246Local Lord Quest IIICharles de Villeroi wins a duel, makes alliances and hunts witchesMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2022-04-26 5 
July 2022
5314154Local Lord Quest IVWhere our hero tortures witches, plants apple trees, hang adventurers, courts a lady, mocks a mage and kills a goatMedieval, Mudcore, Fantasy, History2022-07-27 5 
5345264FrogcoreA frog explores a new world, using his masterful disguise skills to pose as other speciesFrog, frogcore, collective game, oneshot2022-07-30 5 
November 2022
5422744Local Lord Quest VCharles de Villeroi judges adventurers, courts a lady, fights a Guelph, visits a tomb and an old Centaur.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2022-11-23 2 
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