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Archived Threads

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October 2008
2821925Bears: THE TRUTH4chan once again proves to be bastion of ignorant bigots, as what begins as a perfectly safe picture of a Grizzly at a table, descends into Polarbear Racism. Then some stupid idiot mentions the Great Bear War of 1910 and the thread just goes thermonuclear. You just can't have a decent mature discussion if some one brings that or the Grizzly Massacre of Montreal up. There's just too much bad blood about these things. Oh 4chan! When will you learn?Bears, The Great Bear War, Grizzly massacre of Montreal, The Great Koala Purge2008-10-17 13 
February 2009
3729099DnD Monster School/tg/ discusses what Cliques and Faculty roles would be filled by which DnD Monsters.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
3731322DnD Monster School, part 2More discussion on the D&D Monster School. More Faculty roles are filled.D&D, dnd, monsters, school, GREAT LIBRARIAN TORG2009-02-16 5 
July 2009
5249757Awesome NPCsITT: DMs share their best NPCs. Contains several merchants, lovable rogues, and even some sad stories. NPC, D&D, Dungeon Master, Merchants, Pathfinder, Eberron, Mafia, Great White Hunter, Ghoul2009-07-24 10 
September 2009
5946371Tavern owned by lichWhat if a bored lich set up a tavern? Anon involves Drew the Lich in answering the questionDrew, Lich, Tavern, Inn, Great guy2009-09-21 12 
November 2009
6585314Homebrew Part 2See Homebrew Part 1. This section of the story takes place after the Great Stir, it describes how The Great Old One and the Ruler Archon were lost to the universe."Homebrew Part 2" "T'goo" "Ruler Archon" "Luminat" "Great Stir"2009-11-06 0 
January 2010
7765640Warhammer 50k - Age of Exodus - Part III/tg/'s radically inventive new take on the Warhammer 40k fluff, thoroughly developed in two previous threads, imagines a future Imperium of Man completely enclosed within a Great Ship of godlike proportions. Many anons contribute everything from writefaggotry to detailed speculation, and the vision is further developed, unified and canonized in Part III. /tg/ geeks out and creates something legitimately amazing.50k, warhammer, wh40k, emperor, imperium, great ship, necrons2010-01-25 33 
7782415Warhammer 50k - Age of Exodus - Part IVWhere we discuss The Ship and a bit of what is happening outside it.50k, warhammer, wh40k, emperor, imperium, great ship2010-01-27 9 
February 2010
7973860Warhammer 50k - Age of Exodus - Part VThe Ship moves...again.50k, warhammer, wh40k, emperor, imperium, great ship2010-02-08 10 
March 2010
8633133True Tales of the Great CrusadeAwesome writefaggotry set during the Great Crusade about a wounded Imperial Army vet from Terra trying to retreat back to friendly lines on an icy death-world and the straggler who follows him.40k, writefag, manly tears, Great Crusade, Emprah2010-03-17 27 
July 2010
11140708Planes and Mercs XXXIOP is back with a flight brief, and we are left wondering how the hell they'll pull out this time. Can they protect the Carrier against an air attack?Planes, Awesome, Steve, Greatest AirPorn Ever2010-07-15 10 
May 2011
15063299That AWESOME Guy/DMTired of all the That Guy/That DM threads, this was their antithesis with stories of just plain awesome teammates and DMs. Special stories include The Great Caseby, an albino troll with large testicles, and killing gods.story, storytime, stories, D&D, The Great Caseby, Call of Cthulhu, That Awesome Guy, That Awesome DM, Henderson2011-05-29 16 
August 2011
16087045The Second American Civil WarOP pitches an idea of an alternate history with a second Civil War replacing the Spanish Civil WarAlternate History, Great Depression2011-08-28 7 
October 2011
16627032The '34 PutschExtensive background material for a plausible alternate history campaign setting in which the United States descends into civil war in the 1930s.Second American Civil War, Great Depression, alternate history, fluff, history, setting2011-10-15 6 
February 2012
17828843On the habits of giants/tg/ turns a "see this, wat do" thread into a legitimate discussion on colonizing sapient cities on giants' backs.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 41 
17831503On the habits of giants 2 - On the Backs of GodsA continuation of the thread on colonizing giants. Now with worldbuilding!See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great2012-02-06 17 
17835096On the habits of giants 3 - On the Backs of Gods 2And /tg/ is still going! We've now spawned a quest, a wiki page, and we're steadily fleshing out the setting. We seem to have an official name now too.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, Why /tg/ is great, On the Backs of Gods2012-02-06 12 
17862334On the Backs of Gods 3Continuing design for the setting established in the previous threads.See This Wat Do, Colonized Giants, why tg is great, 2012-02-09 4 
September 2012
20574848Mornington CrescentA jolly good game of Mornington Crescentmornington, mornington crescent, crescent, gentlemen, the greatest game to ever have a ruleset2012-09-03 6 
December 2012
22056057Monitor Civ Quest 3The Saurials develop astronomy, a hatred of exploration and unleshed a massive undead plague. The tribe was then saved by what looks like divine intervention. Collective Game, Civilization Quest, Saurials, Great Old Ones2012-12-15 2 
January 2013
22574291Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 1We learn more about magic and artifice, and the season ends. Suddenly, colors, colors everywhere. Also trade.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-14 10 
22591629Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 2We have a stand-off with goblins and an aboleth, create a treasure as a result of a strange mood, and find magic rocks. With a bit of luck, we just barely avoid a war with a whole bunch of greenskin nomads.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-15 10 
22612046Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 3We build some industry and finally get that crystal from the goblins, but then shit gets real when we invite everyone to the seasonal feast. There's absolutely no end of new kobold clans, tech trading starts, and we find books about all the lost technology available this side of the underdark.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-16 6 
22668171Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 4We make good on our opportunities from last season, unlock the secrets of the healing scroll, and gain new Mul members of our clan. Near season's end, we fight spiders that are trying to eat our people and send our thri-kreen to murder some goblins in glorious combat.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-19 6 
22682271Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 5We kick off the new season with a feast, buy a gun, hear about some MOTHERFUCKING DUCKS, and then shit gets real as fifteen hundred hobgoblins jump us. Traps and kreen skirmishers and half-dwarves sallying forth from a burning gate is best way to have a battle.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-20 7 
22725688Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 6We finally learn about guns, see what a bunch of Tohr-Kreen fighting looks like, and start having to clean up after the unruly neighbors when they begin to go around and fuck up the lives of friendly clans.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-22 8 
January 2014
29716750Princess Guard Quest 113Reinhold discusses swords with Agnes.Collective Game, Princess Guard Quest, great job you assholes2014-01-23 28 
March 2014
30879820The Great Galactic Groove: A Disco Quest Across Space and Time [Episode 1]The adventure of Commander Jive of the Dysko Commonwealth begins as he wakes up on an abandoned space station and fights of a sergeant of the R.A.P. Rebellion!collective game, Great Galaxy Groove2014-03-17 5 
August 2014
34258027Salami Sandwich Quest.A salami sandwich quests to save his lover, Miss bologna who has been kidnapped from the kitchen, things take an un expected turn as the dark wizard plans to change all sandwiches as we know it. Action, Adventure, Romance, This story has it all!Comedy, Salami Sandwich, Agro, Brain, Romance, Lewd, Action, Suspense, Drama, Collective Game, Quest, The best fucking thing ever, HotSandwichlove, Funny, Great, 10/10,2014-08-19 8 
October 2014
35458769Esper Quest: Thread 17Akari and Co. take on Not!Mechagodzilla... and... Co.? Oh boy. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-11 2 
35567762Esper Quest: Thread 18Akari and Co. learn that Mop-man is a big jerk, just like his robot: REALLY BIG. Collective Game, Esper Quest, Pyrokinesis, Psychic/Psionic powers, Raildex, Crime Fighting, Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, GIANT ROBOTS, ROBOT DINOSAURS, THE GREAT EVIL, MAGIC, JUSTICE2014-10-16 5 
February 2015
38181397The All Guardsmen Party and the Greater GoodThe All Guardsmen Party go to Tau space to track down some vile, xenos-loving traitors.All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Tink, Deserter, Bane, Fumbles, Tau, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Greater, Good2015-02-20 151 
May 2015
40149884Greater than GodWe become Alpharius Omegon, God of Everything - yet it isn't still enough! We meet Excercia, from a different universe, and we start to explore the possibilities beyond.Greater than God, Quest, Collective Game, CheeseCake2015-05-24 4 
July 2015
41055293Great House Pallbrim and OP is a dirty liar editionWe finish Raemon and name everything in the lands. Including the lands!ASOIAFNewfag, Got, Great_House_Pallbrim, Collective game2015-07-06 2 
September 2015
42789070Deep Sea Terror and WorldbuildingA discussion of deep sea wildlife develops into worldbuilding for two original settings. Also, it is reaffirmed that the deep sea is horrifying and our primordial ancestors left the water as the lungfish equivalent of "fuck this, I'm out of here."deep sea, mermaids, worldbuilding, deep ones, great flood, lovecraft, future, elder things, water, sea, ocean, terror,2015-09-30 2 
January 2016
44836132Great Beast Quest #1We find lots of food and bring back a sharp pointy stick to the ownerGreat Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-17 11 
44919130Great Beast Quest #2We drive off some dwarves only to find MORE DWARVESGreat Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-21 10 
44938334Great Beast Quest #3Our walk back home is interrupted by a huge Grick. We deal with it then plan our patrol.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-22 7 
44985407Great Beast Quest #4We make dwarves really uncomfortable, then we go outside the mountain and destroy a zombie.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-24 7 
45007792Great Beast Quest #5We obliterate quite literally everything that stood on our path.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-25 10 
45028146Great Beast Quest #6We get are fed by bunch of adventurers, then we somehow, kind of force them to let us join their band.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-26 10 
45048105Great beast Quest #7Our first day of adventuring is filled with hunting, orc nagging and a bit of halfling bullying.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-27 8 
45087437Great beast Quest #8We decide to let the Mammoth go, instead we get a fish and actually get kind of tricked into being named.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-29 7 
45132904Great Beast Quest #9Our stay near the city goes south really bad and really fast.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-01-31 7 
March 2016
46178665Great Beast Quest #10We pack our shit and leave the city with Elia. Then we invade ILLEGAL BEAST FIGHTING CLUB.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-03-22 8 
46200308Great Beast Quest #11All that is meant to end well ends well. The Illegal Ring is over and everyone is mostly okay.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-03-23 10 
46222553Great Beast Quest #12We spot an Apex Predator, run away, then we separate from our group and get an interesting proposition.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-03-24 10 
46265774Great Beast Quest #13We decide to join the army. Then we find out the shocking meanings behind our names and we met the Alpha.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-03-26 6 
April 2016
46833433Great Beast Quest #14The siege starts. We get roughed up, but nothing major. We also killed some blue, hairy, vaguely human beast.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-04-22 6 
May 2016
158088Great Beast Quest Some wizards are having a fight or something.Great Beast Quest, Collective Game, Daboss2016-05-20 2 
August 2016
48935703Great Powers in the 2060'sWorldbuilding a Transhuman Space style return to the Great Powers era (the collapse of the Superpower era, basically) as a setting.worldbuilding, cyberpunk, military, future, setting, great powers, politics,2016-08-25 -13 
January 2017
986758CHAN: The Great Unemployed EmpireCHAN is a game of adventure, danger, and low cucking. Explore what has sent hardened trolls screaming from the autism contained within!CHAN The Great Unemployed Empire, Text adventure, Autism, Neckbeards, Rare pepes, Collective Game2017-01-07 1 
March 2017
1226125Great War Era Nation GameAbandoned by the eternal faggot known as OP. The thread was saved, because there were some interesting nations that were created.Collective Game, Nation Builder, WW1, Great War2017-03-14 1 
June 2017
1539908 The Great War Quest Ferdinand Von Brant, Son of Fredreich Von Brant, Joined the Clankers Navy boot-camp and makes friends.GreatWarQuest, WW1, Collective Game, Leviathan Series, HerrAdmiral2017-06-08 4 
1566834The Great War Quest # 2A Celebration for graduation. Ferdinand Von Brandt get invited to a party and decide to woo some noblesGreatWarQuest, WW1, Collective Game, Leviathan Series, HerrAdmiral2017-06-17 1 
July 2017
1630619 Great War Quest #3The end of the party. Von Brandt got caught in the machination of the higher noble and he finally decide to be in the Black FleetGreatWarQuest, WW1, Collective Game, Leviathan Series, HerrAdmiral2017-07-13 1 
December 2017
2142928The Greatest War #1We meet our soldier of the great German Empire, romance the childhood friend, and pass graduation. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2017-12-21 14 
2163822The Greatest War #2We do something that no other soldier would have, making a long term friend in the process. We then learn about the horrors of war. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2017-12-28 6 
January 2018
2182505The Greatest War #3We find ourselves in a horrifying place, and the Banshee's Choir calls to usGreatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-01-09 5 
2219307The Greatest War #4Jäger meets back up with Seven, and has a friendship confirmed. A brief run in with The Choir follows. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-01-21 4 
February 2018
2255978The Greatest War #5We do what's best for Nixie, and get to the rear of the front. We also try to help Siegfried as best we can. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-02-07 4 
2295902The Greatest War #6We do what's right, and find our selves punished for it. The Unit takes on a new mascot.Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-02-19 2 
March 2018
2325958The Greatest War #7We push the front, and show the others what Sturmtruppen can do. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-03-04 5 
May 2018
2490138The Greatest War #8We shoot a bitch and it inspires fan art.Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-05-07 2 
June 2018
2632296The Greatest War #9We finish off our battle, and the levity of Hauptmann's situation dawns. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2018-06-27 6 
December 2018
3050278The Greatest War Quest 10We decide the fate of Hauptmann and navigate the French trenches.The Greatest War, Germany, Grimdark2018-12-03 6 
February 2019
3203248The Great Tribulation - An apocalyptic QuestYou are Jane Rayner, a promising young girl from Great Britain who woke up at an abandoned hospital with a broken leg. The Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-02-06 5 
64640636 What if dragons were based on owls instead of snakes?/tg/ brainstorms on the concept of owl-dragons as cold and stealthy counterparts to traditional dragons, before finally getting stat blocks.great owl, owldrake, dragon, scathe, stat block, fantasy2019-02-17 23 
3236731The Great Tribulation #2 - An Apocalyptic Quest The adventure continues The Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-02-21 2 
March 2019
3286838The Greatest War Quest 12Jäger returns from the French lines, reunites with Siegfried and Hauptmann and sets out on Operation Gottzunge after resting with Nixie. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-03-05 3 
3274835The Great Tribulation #3 - An Apocalyptic QuestWe venture towards the Pentagon to blow up the Nazis camping thereThe Great Tribulation, Collective Game, Drawquest, Apocalypse, Mutants, Angels, Demons2019-03-12 3 
3320983Fate/Mania IEleven-Chan goes on her adventure to fight in the Great Grail War. She meets Illya von Einzbern along the way.REDthunderBOAR, Fate, Eleven-Chan, Great Grail War2019-03-15 0 
3321529The Greatest War #13Jäger finds out the secret of the Uhermacher, and his newly formed unit run into EXCAL. Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-03-23 2 
June 2019
3496847The Greatest War #14Jäger begins his engagement against EXCAL Greatest War, LukaLuu, World War 1, Grim, Collective Game2019-06-01 1 
December 2019
3946808L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 0We create Bayushi Kiyoko, a young samurai who thinks that she's destined for greatness.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2019-12-14 11 
3977464L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 1Bayushi Kiyoko faces her gempukku, the rite of passage that all samurai go through.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2019-12-24 10 
January 2020
3994328L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 2Bayushi Kimiko, now a samurai of the Scorpion Clan, is given her first task.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2020-01-13 12 
4009927Onslaught SkirmishKaldorei are scrambling to save as many civilians as possible from overwhelming eldrazi invasionskirmish, collective game, eldrazi, fantasy, kaldorei, old ones, great ones2020-01-24 0 
February 2020
4036973L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 3Bayushi Kimiko upholds the law in the town of Beiden.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2020-02-06 10 
4079444L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 4Bayushi Kimiko investigates the disappearance of Beiden's dead.Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness2020-02-27 10 
March 2020
4129960The Great Fearannmor Adventure #1A woman crashes through our wall and convinces us to head east.Boat-Kun, Collective Game, Quest, The Great Fearannmor Adventure, Fantasy2020-03-18 -1 
4112894L5R: Pursuit of Greatness, Session 5Bayushi Kimiko gets her first taste of Court. Collective Game, Quest, Legend of the Five Rings, L5R, Pursuit of Greatness 2020-03-20 11 
April 2020
72111866warning the EmperorIf an anon got transported to the Great Crusade era, would they be morally obligated to warn the Emperor, and how could they manage it?storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned,2020-04-22 24 
72167194warning the Emperor thread #2A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. Now with extra storytime. storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-04-24 21 
72198499warning the emperor #3A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy.storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-04-27 23 
May 2020
72654633warning the emperor #4A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-05-20 29 
72796998Warning the Emperor #5A continuation of anon's attempts to preemptively prevent the Horus Heresy. Now featuring Leman Russ.storytime, writefag, Emperor, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, time travel2020-05-26 40 
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