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August 2012
20208251Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 5TONIGHT: Master goes on a date, Rider gets hot and bothered, and we meet the biggest dick in human history.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-06 7 
20263992Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 7We steal some hinges, blow up a horse, break glass, fire Five Rounds Rapid, and finally EGO gets his wish. But STILL no hips moving by themselves.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate Stay Night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-10 5 
20333341Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 8We meet the best damn foul-mouthed, chain-smoking airship pilot this side of Gaia, visit the Troll Emperor of Phallomancer-kind, and contemplate causing Angel Notes by accident.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-15 5 
20388541Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 9We learn things about Arry, get bothered by someone who comes a-knocking, send him heading west, and plan a safari.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-19 6 
20415181Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 10More for the Butcher's Bill, Stealing armor, messages written with bullets, Roofie Landmines, and lots and lots of rain.nasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-21 5 
20496499Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 11We fight with the Devil, lose faith and plot revenge. Also, David still has CLASSnasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-27 5 
20544549Holy Grail War Seattle: Season 2 Episode 12The Student has become the Master, traumatized Servants, and Luke getting tackled by a kuuderenasuverse, collective game, Holy Grail War Quest, Fate stay night, Fate/Clusterfuck2012-08-31 8 
August 2014
33983008The Guardsmens last gambitOutnumbered guardsmen undertake a daring plan to try and stop the Ork hordes. Things don't go as aplanned.Orks, chaos, Guardsmen, space wolves, clusterfuck, fucking recruitment trap2014-08-08 3 
February 2016
45446565Clusterfuck Civil War Quest #1What starts out as a thread denoting medieval hiearchy quickly evolves into a massive civil war game involving Stalin, XCOM, and the EmpireCollective Game, Revo, Clusterfuck Civil War Quest,2016-02-16 2 
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