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January 2009
3288146Mystical itemsA thread of slightly more unusual magical items and trinkets, perfect for spicing up any fantasy RP sessions.ideas, items, stuff, magic2009-01-02 3 
March 2010
8509880Fatguy gives away tons of RPG scansFree StuffFree Stuff2010-03-10 0 
May 2011
15108500Stuffed Bunny QuestMr Fuffles comes alive to help his owner by writing letters.Stuffed Bunny Quest, Quest, Collective Game,2011-05-31 8 
December 2011
17175541Narutards shit up /tg/ for the 9th timeSeriously, they're like a plague. Why are they here again?shit, drawthreads, stuff that doesn't belong on /tg/2011-12-11 -11 
November 2012
21777250Sixth Colour of Magic, PurpleWe have a rocky start, but we begin to get stuff done and refine the idea of purple mana as something more than a joke or a once thought of concept.MTG, magic the gathering, purple, tg does stuff2012-11-28 8 
21779795Sixth Colour of Magic, Purple 2Purple starts to take form as the color of dreams, deception, and triggered effects, dabbling lightly in things beyond time and space.MTG, magic the gathering, purple, tg does stuff2012-11-28 5 
August 2015
41830378-STUFFED- Thread 1Teddy is lost in the woods at night. The woods are cold and spooky. Teddy wanted to be at the zoo.Collective Game, Drawquest, Stuffed, StuffedQuestComic, Radio, Teddy, Beatrice, dolls2015-08-17 6 
July 2019
3663075Six Pillars #1: Divine AwakeningThe Temptress, young goddess of forbidden temptations, awakens and heads to the Orclands to spread her name and raise a champion.godstuff, deitymc, Six Pillars, Drivenqm, quest, fantasy2019-07-19 -1 
3637029Six Pillars #1: Divine AwakeningTemptress of the Night. A young goddess of forbidden temptations, awakens and heads to the Orclands to find a champion and spread her name.godstuff, deitymc, Six Pillars, Drivenqm, quest, fantasy2019-07-19 0 
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