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September 2013
26986427 ITT: the fugg is going on in Holy Terra?Questions about Terra lead to the greatest poop joke of all timeHoly Terra, Funny, Poop Joke, Just as Planned, 2013-09-03 13 
February 2016
45027755Quest of a pigeonThis is a quest about a very artistic and intelligent pigeonPigeon, quest, artist, birdpoop2016-02-01 1 
June 2016
223060Stuck in an RPG QuestOur hero gets beat up and gets stuck in VR game of Death!Stuck in an RPG, Collective Game, VR, Bob 'The Suspense' Pooper2016-06-09 3 
237837Stuck in an RPG 2We Continue to Dorter Magic City and Meet interesting peopleStuck in an RPG, Collective Game, VR, Bob "The Suspense" Pooper2016-06-12 3 
251048Stuck in an RPG Quest 3Various shenanigans before the Seaball World Cup at Dorter Magic CityStuck in an RPG, Collective Game, VR, Bob "The Suspense" Pooper2016-06-19 1 
265867Stuck in an RPG Quest 4We see the World Cup, we gain a master, we lose an armStuck in an RPG, Collective Game, VR, Bob "The Suspense" Pooper2016-06-20 1 
280227Stuck in an RPG Quest 5We become a cyborg wizardStuck in an RPG, Collective Game, VR, Bob "The Suspense" Pooper 2016-06-26 1 
February 2017
1165537Not a Quest of Any SortWe do no questing, do not explore a creepy apartment, don't encounter any spooky things, and certainly don't get abandoned by OP.collective game, calcium chan, spoopy, ketamine2017-02-24 1 
June 2020
73379914Pooping in the woods In which anons discuss being attacked while pooping and bags of holding full of shit. poop, pooping in the woods, survival, poopinginthewoods, adventuring, bag of holding, shit, campaign ideas2020-06-27 -11 
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