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September 2018
2894595Vampire Quest 1We follow Anja's story on how she became a vampire, the trials she faced and relationships she developed.Collective Game, Vampire Quest, Anja, Sfartalheim, VM2018-09-28 5 
2915434Vampire Quest 2The Vampire Countess Magali attempt to rule her county while investigating why she was attacked.Collective Game, Vampire Quest, VM, Sfartalheim, Magali2018-09-28 4 
October 2018
2968771Vampire Quest 2.5Vampire Countess Magali puts an end to a plot to have her killed then pass the county to beyond her familial hold.Vampire, Quest, Sfartalheim, Collective game, VM, Magali2018-10-16 2 
July 2019
3637644Quests in The New OrderAfter the Axis victory of WW2, one German soldier gets himself to the Caucasus under the service of Reichskommisar Josias.vm, The New Order, TNO, quest, 2019-07-09 1 
3647318Quests in The New Order 2The quest follows the story of Monika Weiss, a girl who become a radio operator in the capital of the Reich.vm, The New Order, TNO, quest, 2019-07-16 1 
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