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August 2008
2330098Daemon Santa ClausThe Inquisition sends a report on the Daemon Santa Claus40k, Santa Claus2008-08-13 1 
December 2008
3230017Scriptarius Custom Christmas ModelsScriptarius creates a Warhammer 40k model version of Santa and creates a gingerbreadnought with delicious results.Scriptarius, Santa Model, Christmas, 40k Custom Models, Gingerbreadnought, Santa2008-12-23 20 
December 2009
7245208Xan Tak' Louse, Lord of Snow/tg/ looks at some spells in 3.5's Frostburn supplement and works out how to make a 320-foot tall, 2000-foot wide block of snow. Things then escalate.Santa, Snow, DnD2009-12-22 21 
January 2017
969319Slasher Quest: Cabin of Carnage 1Its slay-bell season in this installation of Slasher Quest. 4 teenagers. 1 private island. 1 killer dressed as Santa Claus.Collective Game, Questguy, Slasher Quest, Slasher, Holiday, Christmas, Santa2017-01-05 1 
January 2022
5097216Berserk Quest #1vlad santana embarks on a journey to rescue his parents and fights the enemy army of Tudor.Berserk, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-01-03 34 
February 2022
5129996Berserk Quest #2Vlad intercepts Griffith from becoming king and learns more about the Silver Eyed Clan.Berserk, Berserk Quest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-02-06 30 
March 2022
5169763Berserk Quest #3A coliseum is found, along with some old and new faces to support and antagonise our protagonist.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-03-14 28 
April 2022
5198601Berserk Quest #4Vlad loses his money, his armor, his cape and his dignity. But at least he gets the girl at the end, right?Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-04-20 22 
May 2022
5247847Berserk Quest #5Vlad and his team return to their hideout and plan their next steps as Midland is invaded by the ruthless Emperor Ganishka.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-05-31 20 
July 2022
5300829Berserk Quest #6On the way to the sea, Vlad and his team make their stop in a strange town infested by Mandragoras.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-07-13 12 
August 2022
5340343Berserk Quest #7Vlad is healed of his wounds and finds new magicians to upgrade his arsenal in the upcoming fights.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-08-10 9 
September 2022
5377799Berserk Quest #9The Holy City of Vritannis is within sight, but as the group approaches their exit of Midland, they are struck by mixed emotions.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-09-13 7 
November 2022
5413369Berserk Quest #9 (The real one)Last one was #8 named #9 by mistake. Anyway, the boat arc begins, hopefully this one doesn't last 5+ years like the real one.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2022-11-08 7 
August 2023
5694520Berserk Quest #10Vlad goes through his highest highs and his lowest lows.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2023-08-12 5 
September 2023
5736783Berserk Quest #11The war between Ilos and Falconia finally begins, with hopes of the Blood Moon and Vlad's efforts being enough to overthrow Griffith.Berserk, BerserkQuest, BecchiQM, Medieval, Fantasy, Vlad Santana2023-09-28 4 
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