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October 2022
5402611Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 12You camped the night at a camp ground, cleaned up after Team Green, went on a nighttime bushwalk made it to Saltcoast and fought Team Green.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Team Green, SuperBusy2022-10-23 2 
December 2022
5449165Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 13Short-ish thread. You helped out at Fie's gym, found Sage a stick, went to the beach and met Ian, a member of the Arnet Elite Four.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Team Green, SuperBusy2022-12-13 3 
January 2023
5500040Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 14Short-ish thread. Emma tries to dig up info on your relationships and then teaches you about pokemon trainingPokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Beach, SuperBusy2023-01-13 3 
June 2023
5655239Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 17You made friends with a flock of Wingull, convinced a Wattrel to meet Gareth, battled Mike and made it back to Saltcoast.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Camping, Wingull, SuperBusy2023-06-13 3 
August 2023
5692091Pokemon Trainer Quest 18You relaxed after the Barrier Islands events, trained, Rusty began to shed, battled and got burned.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Training, Battle, SuperBusy2023-08-01 3 
September 2023
5730276Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 19You meditated with Gareth, trained with Queenie, wore yourself out and chased ghosts and wild pokemon around the gym.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, 'Dungeon', SuperBusy2023-09-13 3 
October 2023
5767757Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 20You beat a Gengar, got some well-earned sleep, found out Fie's Dad is coming to visit and started a battle against Emma.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Gym, SuperBusy2023-10-13 3 
November 2023
5798203Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 21You finished battling Emma, met Fie's dad and headed on out again.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Defeat, SuperBusy2023-11-26 3 
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