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October 2021
4991982Pokemon Trainer Quest #2You played Seven Minutes in Heaven, made it to Newport, had a run in with Team Green, met Holly and challenged the Bug GymPokemon Quest, Towel, Concussion, Team Green, SuperBusy2021-10-07 8 
December 2021
5040101Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 4You refused to Battle Mike, met back up with Fie's friends, made it to Lake Clarity, had a strange dream, met Latias and beat up Team Green Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, Team Green, SuperBusy2021-12-02 4 
January 2022
5082606Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 5You started hiking around Lake Clarity, battled Team Green against, handed evidence to the police after lunch and did some fishing. Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, Team Green, Fishing, SuperBusy2022-01-09 5 
October 2022
5402611Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 12You camped the night at a camp ground, cleaned up after Team Green, went on a nighttime bushwalk made it to Saltcoast and fought Team Green.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Team Green, SuperBusy2022-10-23 2 
December 2022
5449165Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 13Short-ish thread. You helped out at Fie's gym, found Sage a stick, went to the beach and met Ian, a member of the Arnet Elite Four.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Saltcoast, Team Green, SuperBusy2022-12-13 3 
February 2023
5540809Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 15You went to the Barrier Islands to find Holly a psychic teacher, had some bad injury luck, beat Team Green and did Plot.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Barrier Islands, Team Green, SuperBusy2023-02-20 3 
March 2023
5578821Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 16You headed to Frigoris Forest to hide from Team Green, set traps, got a mystery call and more.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, Barrier Islands, Team Green, SuperBusy2023-03-16 6 
April 2023
5615542Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 16You dealt with Team Green, found Holly a teacher and returned the Bell Tongue to Slowking.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Barrier Islands, Team Green, SuperBusy2023-04-27 3 
July 2024
6022379Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 26You stocked up on supplies, beat down a couple of Team Green robbers, perused an adult store, set out for Redmont Town and caught a Mudkip.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Team Green, Mudkip, SuperBusy2024-07-05 2 
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