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December 2009
6970461Rifts: LXGThe League is reformed with the likes of Inspector Gadget, the A-Team, MacGyver, Robocop and Connor MacLeod, all to take down a rogue and insane James Bond.RIFTS, LXG, Robocop, Inspector Gadget, A-Team, MacGyver, Highlander, 80's2009-12-02 14 
January 2010
7690487Mutants and Masterminds: RiftsOP tries to stop the edition wars, by saying that M&M was the best system. Most of /tg/ agree's. And creates a new setting. It has elves that AREN'T gay.Mutants, Masterminds, Rifts, Setting, Smash Bros, Straight Elves2010-01-21 0 
July 2013
26296752Exodus Quest IAfter choosing some cards and making some choices, Thaddeus N. Black, Ghost-Walker, wakes up amid a burning wreck with no memory. Falling in with a salvage caravan, he slowly begins to learn more about his past and the world he finds himself in.Collective Game, Exodus Quest, Quest, Rifts2013-07-29 8 
August 2013
26377078Exodus Quest IIThaddeus and company escape another group of shadows and make it through the desert to reach an abandoned outpost, where they learn of a mysterious treasure in the desert.Collective Game, Exodus Quest, Exodus, Quest, Rifts2013-08-03 5 
26566940Exodus quest IVThaddeus and his friends enter the sewers and find a drill, some rats and something darkCollective Game, Exodus Quest, Exodus, Quest, Rifts2013-08-12 4 
June 2014
32762290Exodus Quest VAfter a year-long hiatus, Exodus Quest returns. Thaddeus Black gathers a group of misfits to help him hunt treasure in the deep desert.Collective Game, Exodus Quest, Exodus, Quest, Rifts2014-06-14 0 
July 2014
33231183Exodus Quest VIFrom almost being eaten by an undead T-Rex to being trapped in a crashed ship by an ominous sandstorm. At least you recovered a memory or two.Collective Game, Exodus Quest, Exodus, Quest, Rifts2014-07-08 2 
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