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November 2012
21531655Crusader Quest: Chapter One, the taking of DamascusYou are William MacMahon of the Knights Hospitaller, and your day starts with the seizure and sack of Damascus.Ridire, Crusader Quest2012-11-12 11 
21553234Crusader Quest: Chapter TwoWilliam MacMahon continues to do his duty to God.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-13 5 
21626407Crusader Quest: Chapter ThreeWe meet William MacMahon's father.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-18 5 
21637596Crusader Quest: Chapter FourWilliam MacMahon defeats an army and meets a king. Or three.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-18 5 
21680615Crusader Quest: Chapter FiveEdessa, a duel, and plotting. Also, OP was a faggot and passed out.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-21 5 
21692073Crusader Quest: Chapter SixIn which there is a battle, and MacMahon flusters a goddess.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-22 3 
21723467Crusader Quest Chapter SixYou are continuing to prove a source of frustration for goddesses.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-11-24 3 
December 2012
21941314Crusader Quest: Chapter 7.2There is a shopping trip, and a hospital visit.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-12-08 3 
22059719Diarchist QuestCharacter building, and then action!Ridire, Diarchist Quest, Collective Game2012-12-16 -2 
22174357Crusader Quest: Chapter EightNo politicking, no fighting, no romancing. There is gyro and a play.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2012-12-23 0 
January 2013
22328448Crusader Quest Chapter NineMC presides over a conclave of Knight-Brothers. There's an eulogy.Ridire, Crusader Quest, Collective Game2013-01-01 0 
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