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April 2010
9304217Our FathersWe have not forgotten their face.B'AWWWWW, Feelings, Pride, human, Dad, father2010-04-20 8 
May 2012
19112522Kindheitstrauma Playing Children Homebrew/tg/ collects point buy drawbacks for a childhood horror game, remembers own childhood, is being awesome.Mommy is sick, Daddy gets mad, My brother is dead, Mommy's Icky Friend, Divorced, Little Princess, Beaten, My Little Robot, Bad Touch, Jog Dad, Little Sunshine, In the System, Our Pride, Evil?, On Ritalin, Home Alone, Moving Again, I'm a Mistake2012-05-16 22 
July 2015
41033810Sith Academy Quest #11Our sith apprentice becomes a master of taking it in the assCollective Game, Sith Academy Quest, Sith, Star Wars, Gay Pride Galaxy-Wide2015-07-06 22 
August 2022
5345941Damned Hunter: Case 0On orders from the Vampiric Collegium, a pair of vampire hunters travel into the Wild West to deal with lawbreakers.Western, Vampires, Wide Pride, Collective Game2022-08-28 5 
November 2022
5426609Damned Hunter: Case 0 ConclusionThe disappointing conclusion.Western, Vampires, Wide Pride, Collective Game2022-11-28 1 
May 2023
5623520In the Land of Cotton: A Confederate Magical Girl Quest A flying magical girl and her squad start their fight in the American Civil War before the QM calls for a pause.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Alt-History, Wide Pride2023-05-11 9 
June 2023
5678076Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest Volume 12A dragon king comes home to find his kingdom changed. The politics are ALMOST as complicated as his harem. He leaves to visit the neighbors.ReptoidQM, Dragonborn Antipaladin Quest, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, factionalism, imeprialism, abolitionism, polygamy, politics, Pride2023-06-30 6 
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