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July 2013
25743095NACL Week OneThe first week of the North American Crawler's League finally kicks off. Poor, poor Otters.fantasy, xcrawl, nfl, sports, mfwdbwdso, NACL2013-07-01 5 
25878682NACL Week TwoGames continue, the Otters win one, and the Coyotes manage to score just 4 points.fantasy, xcrawl, nfl, sports, mfwdbwdso, NACL2013-07-08 8 
26073880NACL Week ThreeWeek Three of the NACL. Cultists and Coyotes take a beating, Otters lose again.fantasy, xcrawl, nfl, sports, mfwdbwdso, NACL2013-07-18 7 
26197410NACL Week FourOtters lost, surprising no one.fantasy, xcrawl, nfl, sports, mfwdbwdso, NACL2013-07-24 3 
August 2013
26357377NACL Week FiveAlmost a third of the way into the season, and some teams are starting to break away from the packfantasy, xcrawl, nfl, sports, mfwdbwdso, NACL2013-08-01 4 
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