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January 2013
22578223175 miles to the LAWWherein /tg/ decides that the strange alignment mechanics of the Outlands means you can turn a planar gate-town into a roving weapon of mass destruction if you only you can apply enough LAW.D&D 3.5e, Outlands, Planar Mechanics, Alignment, LAW, Speculah2013-01-14 13 
January 2014
29360104D&D Alignment: How very Neutral of you.A few guys actually make some gods-damned sense of D&D alignment.DnD, D&D, Dungeons, Dragons, Planescape, Neutral, Zapp, Brannigan, good, evil, law, chaos, sense, fluff, alignment, explanation, succubus2014-01-08 13 
July 2014
33316059Oversized Weapon Quest 44Tokimeki Axe Girl's Side StoryCollective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, goblins, Inter-Planar Relations, big swords2014-07-11 14 
April 2016
46566768LANA nation builder gameThe start of the LANA nation builder game, set in the early antiquityNation, Builder, Nation Builder, LANA, Myrea2016-04-13 1 
46648071LANA nation builder game part 2The game is starting to become something, as more and more anons join.Nation, Builder, Nation Builder, LANA, Myrea2016-04-13 1 
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