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May 2012
18933377Mass Effect Quest Part 1Wendigo and Jackal Squads continue towards mission objective. Sgt. Briggs makes Bro-tier, Newton proves to not be a total Jenkins, and we learn the dice Gods love Vanguards.Mass Effect, Vanguard, Geronimo, Briggs, Biotic2012-05-01 12 
18937059Mass Effect Quest Part 2We proceed into the Comm station, we meet PFC Buck Rogers, we rescue a damsel in distress but not before she's impaled, GERONIMO LEARNS NOVA.Mass Effect, The Illusive Man, Briggs, Geronimo, Nova2012-05-02 10 
18955531The Mass Effect quest part 3It seems Vanguard's are cursed with high dice rolls and strong grappling techniques.Mass effect, Vanguard, The Illusive Man, Geronimo, Nova2012-05-03 7 
18982677Mass Effect Crunch Session 1I posted the info and then went to sleep. Gonna see what happened in the morningMass Effect, Illusive Man, Geronimo, Biotic, Tomahawk2012-05-05 3 
18993672Mass Effect Quest Part 4Geronimo checks in on Karrigan and Briggs aboard the Jakarta. He is later debriefed by Commander Sardis and Capt. Nguyen where he is promoted to Sergeant and invited to the N Program.Collective Game, Mass Effect Quest, Mass Effect, Illusive Man, Geronimo, N, Briggs, Karrigan2012-05-06 8 
18998978Mass Effect Quest Part 5We make the decision to join the ICT Program, we throw a remembrance party for Rodriguez, share a drink with Karrigan, and find out the dice gods REALLY DO LOVE VANGUARDS!Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karrigan, Briggs, Illusive Man2012-05-07 12 
19047382Mass Effect Quest, Filler Arc 1.We take control of Sgt. Briggs for a little while and find out things aren't nearly as cool and collected as they seem to be. Geronimo is deep in the Brazilian rainforest for his ICT training when he and Lt. Jones are attacked by a squad of experienced soldiers in stealth gear. Geronimo luckily manages to escape.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, The Illusive Man, Geronimo, Briggs, ICT, N72012-05-10 6 
19090715Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 2We take over as Karrigan and manage to access the shield's inner workings. We are in the process of testing it out on Brigg's.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karrigan, Briggs, Illusive Man2012-05-14 5 
19172353Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 3Karrigan finally get the Geth Shield figured out, now all that's left is to reverse engineer the tech and see about producing it for the Alliance, or ourselves. We rejoin Geronimo in the Rain Forest and he completes his ICT training. An opportunity may arise, depending on his actions here.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karrigan, Illusive Man, ICT2012-05-20 5 
19231905Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 4We learn more about our mysterious assailant, Geronimo is promoted to N1. LEVEL UP! We head back to Terra Nova to form up Jaguar Squad and let the ass kicking commence.Mass Effect Quest, Illusive Man, Geronimo, Karrigan, Vanguard, ICT, Briggs, Ajax2012-05-25 7 
June 2012
19314624Mass Effect Quest Filler Arc 5We find out the entire story on how Briggs and Haskill joined Cerberus, we regain control of Geronimo and make a big decision.Mass, Effect, Quest, Geronimo, Collective Game, Illusive, Briggs, Haskill, Karrigan2012-06-01 5 
19432606Mass Effect Quest Part 6Geronimo let's Karri in on what's happened with Briggs and Haskill. Preparation for the coming storm.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Illusive Man, Karrigan, Briggs, Haskill, Biotic2012-06-10 5 
19486735Mass Effect Quest Part 7Geronimo completes his training with Karri, it's a success though she feels like he's become more aggressive since the training. We meet Jack Harken and start unraveling who Volkov really is.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karri, Briggs, Haskill, Biotic, Harken2012-06-15 5 
19496979Mass Effect Quest Part 8Geronimo meets with Jack Harken and becomes his errand boy in return for what supplies he needs for the fight with Volkov.Mass Effect Quest, Geronimo, Collective Game, Illusive Man, Briggs, Karri, Harken2012-06-16 5 
19505857Mass Effect Quest Part 9Geronimo and Karri deliver a package to Nara L'Tone, keeping it brief and businesslike. Geronimo claims the first part of his rewardMass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karri, Briggs, Jack Harken, Nara2012-06-17 3 
19516448Mass Effect Quest Part 10Geronimo and Emily head to a dive bar known as the Hangman's Noose in search of the Krogan. A plot against the Blue Suns is discovered and an all out merc war may be imminent. Regal shows up and starts heading for the Blood Pack mercs...Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Emily, Karri, Briggs, Illusive Man2012-06-17 2 
July 2012
19856647Mass Effect Quest Part 11We manage to defuse the situation with Regal and learn why he needed the gun.Mass Effect Quest, Collective Game, Geronimo, Karrigan, Briggs, Biotics2012-07-13 2 
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