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January 2013
22489457City Guardsman Quest 1We are Captain of the City Guard, Varnus Corr, and it is most definitely a Monday. We are inundated with work, the Guard is understaffed, a city noble has gone and 'accosted' the elven ambassador, and we forgot our daughter's birthday.Collective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-10 5 
22509195City Guardsman Quest part 2We are Captain of the City Guard, Varnus Corr. Investigating is done, we sort out some paper work take a nap and go for drinksCollective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-10 2 
22564863City Guardsman Quest 3We get a drink at a tavern, find out about a possible bandit mole, get knocked out, imprisoned by the Church, and get experimented on. They really should checked the bottles on their potions, though, and not mixed up "Will Kill The PC" with "Will Grant PC Were-Bear Powers".Collective Game, Quest, City Guardsman Quest2013-01-14 7 
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