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March 2010
8491818Asari raised Turian PC OP asks for random facts about the Mass Effect universe for his character to use. What he gets is awesome. Mass Effect, oWoD, Backstory, Turian, Asari, conspiracy2010-03-10 8 
January 2014
29851571Ardat-Yakshi Quest - Ch. 1 (Mass Effect)We meet the protagonist, a young Ardat Yakshi by the name Vayle Reitra, who had accidentally murdered her lover. She fled to Omega, made a Quarian friend by the name of Mel, and was coerced into service by the Krogan in charge of Omega.Collective Game, Ardat Yakshi Quest, Mass Effect, Asari2014-01-29 6 
29860248Ardat-Yakshi Quest - Ch. 2 (Mass Effect)Supreme Fuck ups in infiltrating a merc base.Collective Game, Ardat Yakshi Quest, Mass Effect, Asari2014-01-29 6 
29880119Ardat-Yakshi Quest - Ch. 3 (Mass Effect)And the plot thickens with an assault on the Omega mines.Collective Game, Ardat Yakshi Quest, Mass Effect, Asari2014-01-30 6 
29905017Ardat-Yakshi Quest - Ch. 4 (Mass Effect)After killing our salarian captive, we find out a few unsavory things about a friend, and are abut to be told a story of grand proportions.Collective Game, Ardat Yakshi Quest, Mass Effect, Asari2014-01-31 6 
February 2014
30086310Ardat-Yakshi Quest - Ch. 5 (Mass Effect)We escape from Omega, Quarian in towCollective Game, Ardat Yakshi Quest, Mass Effect, Asari2014-02-08 4 
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