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March 2010
8471014Tsunder AnubisGods, riddles, and emotional whiplash aboundGods, Tsunder, Anubis, Monstergirl, Tsundere, Egypt2010-03-09 10 
October 2014
35823915MOTA Quest 1In which we are oriented by a book, and Anai claims her first companion/mount.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-10-29 3 
November 2014
35923282MOTA Quest 2LionBearDogs and Necromancers, Oh my! There are other Atlas-users? We level up as well.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-11-03 2 
36150875Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 3: Nolan for Old MenAnai discovers that Atlas users carry a reputation for disaster, and learns about the city of Nolan.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-11-14 2 
36209469Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 4: Pubthumpin'Anai beats the tar out of some pub creeps, and ponders her reason for having power. Her habit of having bad days does not improve.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-11-17 3 
36357069Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 5: The First AssaultAnai and Winter incapacitate the elven strike force, only to be confronted with a new enemy.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-11-24 1 
December 2014
36627578Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 6: The Long RoadAnai befriends the two elves in her company, Niccolo and Maria, and learns more about the current state of affairs. We also get to see the world from a very...unique perspective.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-12-08 1 
36766713Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 7: Bad Moon Part 1The party reaches an abandoned farmhouse, and Maria immediately freaks out about the ambient energy. There's a bad moon on the rise.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-12-15 1 
36803568Mysteries of the Atlas Quest Chapter 7: Bad Moon Part 2We begin by flexing our newly acquired fire muscles by burning down a barn full of zombies, then gain an unlikely(and kinda creepy) ally.Collective Game, MOTA, Anubis Girl, Anai, Homebrew2014-12-17 2 
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