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July 2013
26033324Shadow Quest 48The Shadow continues its battle against the crime lord Damian VonnegutCollective Game, shadow, quest, 48, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest2013-07-15 24 
26044968Shadow Quest 48 Part IIThe Shadow has a talk with Damian Vonnegut.Collective Game, shadow, quest, 48, master, shadow quest, shadow,quest, part, 2, II2013-07-16 24 
August 2014
33816616Hellborn Quest 48Sierra finishes the fight with Philostrathus.Collective Game, Hellborn Quest, 482014-08-01 20 
33826102Hellborn Quest 48 (Part 2)Peeps come to pick Sierra up, and a power is restless.Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 48, Part 22014-08-02 20 
June 2015
40758807Novice Heretek Quest 48Timeskip thread in which we build a bolter, we go down into a desert planet and buy some nifty grenades, then we discover something weird and suffer from a hangover without drinking any booze.Collective Game, Axsisel, Novice Heretek Quest, Warhammer40k, techpriest, Heracor Nahive , NHQ482015-06-23 10 
April 2016
46792454Hellborn Quest 148Sierra Actual gets an invitation from Sulkrasph, and begins operation 'TRAPCEPTION'Hellborn Quest, Collective Game, 1482016-04-21 13 
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